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Oct 4, 2009 01:37 PM

WORST MEAL EVER in Paris don't go

Tonite we went to ROBERT ET LOUISE and had the worst steak ever in my life.
The entrecote was so tough the steak knife they gave us did NOT cut it.
The pate appetizer was covered in rock salt and was othewise tasteless. The steak was also very salty and tasteless. The four people at our table all had LESS than memorable meals. The lamb was VERY fatty and the steaks were like shoe leather. I had a better steak at cafe du marche the night before.
They served the potatoes which were great at 8:30 then our steak did not come until 9pm!!!
Our salad never came!!! The dessert lemon meringue pie was passable.
I will put up photos tomorrow but bring your own knife if you have to eat there.

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  1. Vaga: I think it's important to report these disasters, thanks, but the worst meal, I dunno, I bet that's a distinction many of us would argue about.
    Soup here and ptipois on eG have educated us to the differences between French and American beef, but bad beef, badly cooked, badly served, anywhere is inexcusable.
    My own disaster occurred a few weeks ago at Le Grand 8 in/on Montmartre, a very sad experience. But we must soldier on.

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      thank you John,
      We sat at a big table with two other couples, one is a food reviewer for San Diego the other is a food importer from San Diego. they all had a good laugh at our trying to cut the meat. I had a plat du jour at a cafe the day before which was excellent. I think some restaurants become failures from there own success.