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Oct 4, 2009 01:01 PM

Cafe Vivace/Plainfield

I went there last night for the fixed price dinner ($21.95). My three companions and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I had veal marsala, my husband chicken parm and my friends the stuffed sole. All meals came with a glass of wine, choice of appetizer and dessert and coffee. Aside from the fixed price meals, there are many other options. The service was pleasant and efficient. I want to mention this 'find' to other Chowhounders who are looking for a nice meal for a good value. I have been there a few times for work-related dinners in their banquet room and always had a good meal.

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  1. Unless they changed owners/chef, the experience I/we had 4 years ago was a "never again !"....I tried Vivaces 3 times including an office party and all was negative....but I respect others opinions and Im glad someone had a good experience.

    1. I hosted two large parties (about 75 people) there on Saturday afternoons in June 2005 and March 2008. The food was excellent at both and I was pleased with the service too.