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Opinions? Brunch for two, kinda romantic, looking for good cocktails/food/service. Thanks for your help!

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  1. You will never go wrong with Blue Duck, but it is my feel that Robert Weland is one of the most underrated chefs in the dc area. I have had brunch at both and think both are equal and great places.

    1. I lean towards Poste for brunch, but Blue Duck wins for any other meal between the two.

      1. The Obamas just ate at Blue Duck, so based on what's happened at other places they've gone to, I suspect that they might be swamped for a while, which might affect the service part of the equation.

        1. I'd go with the Blue Duck Tavern. I've had service issues at Poste, which hasn't been the case at BDT. I've also had good luck in requesting and being seated at excellent tables at BDT. When it's nice out, a table outside on the courtyard is very intimate and romantic, IMHO.

          1. We had a horrible brunch experience at Poste. While the food was alright, the service was the worst we've ever had in a restaurant! It far overshadowed the food. And the Bloody Mary tasted like someone had dumped an entire jar of pepper into the glass. It was undrinkable!

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              At first I thought, the service problem (inattentiveness, forgetfulness, wrong food delivered, and general cluelessness) at Poste was related to our particular server having a bad day, but on another occasion, we had pretty much of a repeat experience. Too bad because the food is pretty good. Drinks were not all that great IMHO so I'm not surprised that your Bloody Mary was undrinkable.

            2. I had a not great experience at Blue Duck for brunch one time. Service was spotty to bad. Food was decent, but more like lunch than brunch (you could not even order brunch pastries, muffins, etc.). It was apparent to me that there is much more effort put into other meals there than brunch. I felt like they were using brunch as a training ground for staff and the best staff were used for dinner. This was over a year ago, though, so maybe it has improved.

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                BDT isn't big on pastries, but the brunch menu includes most of the standard brunch dishes (and drinks too) --- eggs benedict, Belgian waffle, etc.

                Current brunch menu here: http://www.hyatt.com/hyatt/images/hot...

                Sorry to hear you didn't have good service. As I said earlier, I've consistently had excellent service there and regularly take visiting relatives and out-of-clients to BDT for special meals.

              2. that is a tough call. Both are good and service can be hit miss. Blue Duck is one of the best looking restaurant in the city very nice. Poste however is not very popular not sure about their brunch but blue duck is much more respected. BD Can be fun I saw Bono from U2 when I was there during the inaugural weekend.

                1. I haven't been to Blue Duck (yet) but I'm always surprised about the love Poste gets. It's fine. Good-ish, even. But way too pricey for what it is. I know Blue Duck certainly isn't cheap, but I don't care about price so much as value and Poste definitely doesn't provide that.

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                    I completely agree with you. Even friends of mine who have been with me at Poste when we experienced terrible service still love it. As I've said before, I find Blue Duck to be more reliable service wise and have always had good meals there. To me, it is a better value than Poste.