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Oct 4, 2009 12:34 PM

Dinner near Charles/MGH?

Where would you recommend for a comfy dinner with lots of conversation, walking distance from Charles/MGH? My friend, who travels with her seeing eye dog, is staying at the Liberty hotel. We've gone to Artu twice and would like to try somewhere else.

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  1. Scampo at the hotel is the best restaurant in the area.

    Beyond that suggestion, we need some help. What kind of food? What price range? How far is acceptable?

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      $30 pp works. Nourishing, delicious works. Ethnic is fine. No one in our party drinks, so wine list isn't an issue. Service that won't be thrown by a dog and a blind customer.

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        $35-40 pp works. No on in the party drinks, so wine and bar not an issue. Service needs to be comfortable with dog and blind customer. Ethnic is great. Walking is fine, so 20 minutes in any direction. We thought about Kendall Square but she'll have already been on the bus for 3 hours and navigated the city solo so closer is better. The point is to relax together over comforting, food.

      2. Better places are not that close but are within your criteria.

        Lala Rokh - Persian cuisine on Mt. Vernon St.
        75 Chestnut - Comfort food a bit distant from the hotel.
        Beacon Hill Bistro - On Charles St near Beacon.
        Grotto - Good Italian on Bowdoin St. Might be a bit far away.

        Beacon Hill Bistro
        25 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114

        37 Bowdoin Street, Boston, MA 02114

        75 Chestnut
        75 Chestnut Street, Boston, MA 02114

        Lala Rokh
        97 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, MA 02108

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          I second all of these recommendations (75 Chestnut being my neighborhood go-to place), and I'd also add Toscano to the mix. Good Italian food and wine selection (although that doesn't seem to be of issue).

        2. Pierrot Bistro is nearby and very nice.

          Also on Cambridge St is Phoenicia, which is Middle Eastern and much less high end.

          1. Antionios on Cambridge Street was always a family fav when my brother lived in beacon hill. It's right across from MGH. They have an amazing homemade fusili dish that I am drooling about right now. Sometimes they have a grand manier shrimp app special which is so so good.

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              Figs on Charles Street is another good option.