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Oct 4, 2009 12:34 PM

Burlington area Sunday dinner with older parents -please help

Dear Chowhounders,

Next Sunday I am taking my mid-eighties mother and father out for a Thanksgiving dinner . They live in Burlington, so I am looking for something not too far from there.
An ideal place would be something that is relatively quiet, with not a lot of stairs. Cost not a consideration. Italian, French, Seafood are some of their favourites.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The places I was going to suggest for elderly parents (Carriage House, Pearl St. Cafe and Trendz) are all closed on Sunday..
    Spencers on the Waterfront is open and always a nice option..
    Another idea is Bronte, which is just at the Oakville/Burlington border. Again, my first thought for great italian (Cucci) is also closed Sundays, but Stoneboats is always a popular choice with the older population. Mainly seafood..

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    1. re: burlgurl

      Burlgurl - Although it is not open on Sunday, I notice a conspicuous absence in your list. Have you tried Blacktree? In my mind, Carriage House cannot even come close. Blacktree, IMHO, is not only the best restaurant in Burlington, but probably the best in the region.

      Snoopy - if you can turn the date into a Saturday night dinner at Blacktree, you will not be disappointed.

      1. re: cynalan

        I agree Blacktree is a standout in Burlington..didn't come to mind for older parents, but is a great choice.

        1. re: burlgurl

          Blacktree is outstanding. Do I detect some ageism in this thread?

    2. Thanks to all for your suggestions. We wound up going to Spencer's, which was a good choice. No stairs, fairly quiet, food was very good - perfect for the seniors in the family. Only complaint was that it was a little dark. Pickerel with risotto was a standout, ditto for the slow roasted beef.. Desserts were ho hum.