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Oct 4, 2009 12:09 PM

Oyster House

My husband, oyster-lover that he is, was determined to try it - despite warnings about noise. So we got to the Oyster House (formerly Sansom St. Oyster House).

Clam chowder - delicious. Not thick with filler, just the way it should be.

Raw oysters - marvelous.

Fried oysters - great.

Chicken salad - nice chunks of chicken, but needed seasoning - very bland.

Dessert and coffee - fine.

Service - excellent. Prompt, efficient. No long waits for anything.

Noise level - unacceptable. A din that gave me a headache.

If we return - and we probably will - we'll sit at the bar, enjoy our oysters, and won't bother to try to talk to each other. Can't say we weren't warned!

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  1. I just read on another blog that the chef, Greg Ling, has already moved on. New chef is Ted Manko.

    1. The Bride & I ate there on Saturday night -- thought we'd give it a try after being extremely underwhelmed during the previous ownership. Unfortunately we both thought everything was still VERY mediocre (although the NE Clam Chowder was quite good).

      Service was extremely rushed! Even with a cocktail, appetizers, and entree we were out in 35 minutes, which was very unpleasant. I understand the need to turn tables and be "efficient" but that's too rushed for an evening meal.

      The Bride's fish could have been titled "butter, served three ways". The fish, fennel & other accompaniments were extremely over-soaked.

      My crabcakes were OK. Drinks were good.