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Who makes the best birthday cakes in the cambridge/ somerville/ boston area?

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  1. 2 cakes I particularly like (although I'm not sure whether they will "engrave" them with birthday wishes or not) are the Hazelnut almond dacquoise at Flour bakery in Boston, and the pear marzipan tart at Russo's in Watertown (not quite Cambridge, but anyway)

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      We've been very happy with Antoine's in Nonantum, which is easy enough to get to.

    2. Quebrada in Arlington on Mass.Ave., makes amazing and beautiful cakes with fresh flower decorations. My favorite b-day cake is their strawberry/whipped cream cake - heaven!

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        I have to admit that the Quebrade strawberry whipped cream cake is amazing! I will have to go with that one. :)

      2. I'll put in a good word for Party Favors in Brookline, Coolidge Corner.

        1. Lyndell's in Ball Square Somerville makes a very traditional birthday cake with lots of frosting. Try one of their half moons if you want the experience on a smaller scale.

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            I second Lyndell's- especially their yellow with chocolate frosting. Perfection!

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              Another Lyndell's lover here, but it is the classic bakery b-day cake, no frills, lots of very sugary frosting, lots of options for decorating/personalizing - very nice flowers, etc. for grownups (unless you're a Scooby-Doo lover or something!?). They also have a "more grownup" hazelnut buttercream cake that is deeeelicious - my father has requested that every year for his b-day for over 25 years (used to be called hazelnut Bavarian creme) and he isn't even a big sweets guy. Lots o' nuts in and on that one.


            2. Bella Moto on Mass Ave in Arlington does very nice cakes, simply and attractively decorated. The red velvet was a huge hit on my last birthday, but the regular vanilla and chocolate are good as well.

              1. I guess it depends on what kind of cake you're looking for. I love the Italian rum cake with strawberries and custard cream from Modern Pastry in Medford Square.

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                  Arthurs Pastry on Main St in Medford does the rum cakes even better than Modern I think... they have been a big favorite of our family for years...

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                    i tried the rum cake at Arthurs, it was certainly very moist, although to be honest I had a hard time detecting any rum flavor whatsoever

                2. A short drive (Braintree) but Konditor Meister is the best cake I've had in the area. Prices are reasonable (cakes and prices on line).

                  1. Sweet Tooth bakery in South Boston makes phenomenal cakes, with excellent frosting. Amongst other choices, their Red Velvet is amazing.