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Oct 4, 2009 09:30 AM

Istanbul, Furreyya fry up coming soon

At one of our favorite simple fish spots in Istanbul, Furreyya, we spotted a shiny new piece of equipment in the open kitchen, a deep fryer.
The owner/chef, and, presumably, the fry man to be, said they will start serving fish and chips ala Turka next week.
He has some funky ideas for batters. If his delivery is half as good as it is on the grilled fish durum they serve then it'll be even harder to find a seat in this tiny 10 seater of a place.
Here is a review of the place:

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  1. My one visit to this restaurant wasn't enjoyable, and after sitting down, looking at the menu and speaking with one of the owners - I chose to leave and find someplace else to eat. My principal discomfort was that much of what was listed on the menu wasn't available and the attitude of the male owner as I spoke with him was offensive to me - and I'd made a special trip from Sultanahmet just eat at the place. If someone plans to be at Galata Tower and is hungry, it's easy enough to find the restaurant - but I don't suggest someone make a special trip to the restaurant (for the "we don't have that anymore" response to questions).