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Oct 4, 2009 09:22 AM

emerald isle, NC recommendations

It appears next June I will be visiting for a week with 6 55-year-old college gals pals.

More than likely we will prepare most meals, but we do enjoy celebrating our reunion in style. Either catered or out to dine. Any suggestions?

thanks for your input.

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  1. Thats what I call planning ahead! This thread has lots of good suggestion:

    1. Good luck. I have visited Emerald Isle virtually every summer of my adult life (I am 42 now) and so far have not found a single restaurant that I could really recommend to anyone. Maybe there's something good in Swansboro? We always end up cooking because there is, of course, excellent fresh fish to be bought in the seafood markets. And the supermarkets are significantly better than they used to be. It used to be all you could do to find cheese that wasn't orange down there.

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        My experience has been fairly similar to durhamois. Whenever we go to Emerald Isle we always wind up looking to Morehead CIty and Beaufort for better dining options. Some good ones were provided by NXS.

        Two other ideas....Make sure you seek out a shrimpburger at the Big Oak Drive In in Salter Path. More of a lunch idea as there is no seating other than some park benches in the back.

        The other idea, and I cannot vouch for it personally is the Red Barn Grill in Hubert. It is discussed in another thread:

      2. thanks BBQdawg - I found some threads but they were older and restaurants have been opeing and closing like crazy this year so your tip is great thanks-

        durhamois- thanks - that's why I also requested a possibilty of a caterer. Then again we are all fairly good cooks and won't starve.

        1. On the Atlantic Beach side = Carltons' and the Watermark.

          Also Island Grille is very good and on Monday & Tuesday have a two for one night but make reservations ahead of time as this is popular pretty much year round.

          Morehead City - My favorite is WIlliam's, Bistro By the Se, a new restaurant, Chef's 105 and Wind N Sea. We go to Cafe Zito occasionally as it is pretty good.

          Over in Beaufort my favorite is Blus Moon Bistro, runnerup, Front Street Grill.

          All of the above take reservations only BIstro By the Sea for a minimum of 6 people.

          All of these are very good. We own a house on the beach and spend half of our time year there and the above restaurants we go to often.

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          1. For grocery shopping there is an excellent Harris Teeter on 70 going in to Morehead City.