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Jan 10, 2005 12:17 PM

Best Argentinian Food in the SFV?

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Fellow Chowhounders... Looking to brave the rain and have some great Argentinian food in the Valley today. Any suggestions?

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  1. Buenos Aires Grille in Northridge (Corbin & Nordhoff near Target) is quite good. Their chicken milanesa is excellent, nice salads, best french fries on the planet. Their gnocci is also very good. Also good selection of empanadas and sandwiches. Their nightly specials are usually good. I usually avoid the steaks there as I tried the filet once and it was pretty tough.

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      Also Gaucho Grill at Canoga & Victory is pretty good.

    2. It's probably too late but next time, try Corrientes 348 on Reseda Blvd. south of Victory (next to Paladino's rock club). Owner Silvana is hardworking, food is good (not great but tasty), portions generous, prices unbelievably low. Try the sweetbreads if you haven't tried them before. I find the milanesa a little tough most times but the pastas are my favorite.

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        1. I definitely agree with my fellow Chowhounds when it comes to Buenos Aires. The food is incredibly tasty and I guarantee you won't find anything closer to 'real' Argentinian food. I would also recommend the chicken milanesa, if you're not too hungry though, I normally go for a few empanadas or spinach pie. Oh, and the chimichurri among the best around.
          One word of caution, unless you root for Argentina, I would strongly advice against showing up during an important soccer match. Trust me ;)

          Personally, I'm not much for Gaucho Grill. You might also want to try Lala's on Ventura blvd. in Studio City. The food is good but unfortunately, the last time I was there I almost slapped the waitress for being so incredibly dumb. Lala's on Melrose has a better vibe.

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            I just realized this post is from 2005...