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Oct 4, 2009 07:16 AM

Momofuku Fried Chicken reservation quesiton

Does anyone know if you can add people to a reservation once you get one? We made a res for 4 and would love to change it to 6. Their website says that you have to give them a final headcount within 24 hours of your reservation but I'm not sure if that means you can add extra people (up to their max of 8). Thanks!

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  1. Because the amount of chicken served is enormous, the more people you have in your party up to the max of 8, the less leftover chicken there will be. Although I wasn't the person who made the reservation for our dinner (there were four of us), since they say they want a "final" head count, imo, that implies that you can increase the number.

    You can see photos of our chicken dinner here:

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      You can definitely increase the # of people going. Just follow the instructions in the email. I called, left a voicemail, and very nice person called me back a few minutes later.

      A little secret - I went last month and the server said that if you're willing to squeeze, that you can go to a max of 10 people. But I went with 6 people, ordered extra dishes like two ramen, 3 orders of pork buns (one for each person), and there was 8 pieces left. I would say that 3 of the 6 were not big eaters. If you're not going to order a lot extra, then 6 should be fine. But if you are, then 8 is ideal - or just take the leftovers for another meal!

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        I can't wait! Those photos are making me hungry!

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          We gotta set up another dinner there. Dying to try it.

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            I'd love to go back if you need to fill up the table.

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              You know you are always welcome at any tables of RGR's and mine!!

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                  Hey, thew,

                  We can certainly include you the next time steakrules, ellenost, and I get together. However, I'm not keen on going back for the chicken dinner. Not that it wasn't good. But for me, once was enough.

        2. Since I live in the neighborhood, I stopped by to give them my final headcount. They were very nice, and told me it was easier to reduce the number rather than increase it. Since they don't take any other reservations, I would guess that as long as you changed it at least 24 hours in advance it shouldn't be a problem. We wound up being 5, and we all loved our leftovers - cold fried chicken and corn on the cob made a perfect summer meal!

          1. Hey Hounders,

            Does anyone have any tips on actually getting a rezzie? I signed in at 10am on the dot and it was already fully booked. But from the looks, they didn't add any days since last friday. Any help?

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              It took me three days to land the res when I got it a few months back. Did it at work, so the connection was much faster than home. I have to say that when I finally got through, I felt like I had won something important, I was so excited. Since, it has been blocked at work so the chances of me landing another have all but vanished. If I recall, once you get in you have a set period of time to selct things and enter your information, so have your credit card ready, it asked for my numbers again, even though I think I had already provided them with the info.

              1. re: roro1831

                Thanks roro! i kept at it and it too me 3 days as well!! had a delicious meal the first time...hope it doesn't disappoint again. Thanks for the tip re: the CC. i think the person who snagged the rezzie before me didn't have their card ready so it got released and i scored! :)

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                  If anyone in your party cancels I will gladly fill the spot. lol

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                I've sometimes seen spare reservations floating around when logging in on weekend mornings, especially over holidays.

              3. Is a fried chicken lunch reservation as hard to get as a dinner one?

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                  It's all the same process so I would imagine that it fills up quickly as well.