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Oct 4, 2009 07:07 AM

Luxembourg Report - La Fourchette a Droite

On our way from Brussels to Alsace, my partner and I made a stop in Luxembourg for lunch. After walking around the center and checking out a number of restaurants, our trusty Michelin in hand, eliminating the many cafes with outdoor seating in the main square, which all seemed to have menus in various languages, and not especially exciting menus, we settled on La Fourchette a Droite, which seemed to attract more of a local clientele. The atmosphere is cheerful and contemporary, and the food is quite good. The lunch menu is 2 courses for 19.50 euros or 21.50 for 3. We had a nice pate en croute, a salmon timbale, blanquette of veal, and fillet of pikeperch (sandre) with risotto and vegetables. Each course had about a half dozen choices. This appeared to us to be about the best value in Luxembourg city and we enjoyed it very much.

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