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Oct 4, 2009 07:02 AM


Hi Everyone! Looking for a fun, casual spot for Sunday lunch/brunch in DC next week. We particularly love places that are fun, have great energy, and are a bit unique - but with DELICIOUS food and that diner vibe. The kind of place you might see on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." Appreciate in advance any assistance you can give.....

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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don't have that type of brunch place. For lunch I think Ray's Hellburger in Rosslyn could make Triple D or Granville Moores (a glorified bar).

    Outside DC I think a few more places might qualify.

    For a fun brunch you might check out Cafe Atlantico, wouldn't be on Triple D, but is very good.

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    1. As a New Jersey transplant to the DC area (land of no diners), it's true that we don't have many places like you describe. The only legitimate diner (independently owned by a Greek family) that I know of is the Metro 29 Diner in Arlington (near the intersection of Lee Highway and Glebe Road). Why not try something more vintage DC like "The Tombs" in the basement of the 1789 Restaurant? It will be packed with Georgetown University kids, there is a brunch/lunch menu with all the usual suspects, and the neighborhood is beautiful for a post meal walk!