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Oct 4, 2009 06:32 AM

restaurant/cooking supply stores in DC area that allow retail sales?

Hi all. Any favorites? Some old posts re Best Supply in Florida Ave market, don't even know what changes have come to that part of town recently. Appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. I go to a place in Rockville, near the big Flagship Giant and Target. They are pretty good but only open on weekdays.

    J&B Restaurant Equipment Supplies, Inc.
    12141 Nebel Street
    Rockville, Maryland 20852
    Phone: (301) 770-9866

    I have heard that there are some places in Alexandria and Jessup but I have not personally been there.

    1. I have always gone here for all of my professional needs. No Membership or business lic. needed.

      Next Day Gourmet
      (703) 333-5878
      5701 General Washington Dr
      Alexandria, VA

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      1. re: themeatguy is the link for Fortessa's outlet store in Sterling. Note that this is the North American importer and distributor of several lines including Schott Zweisel, IVC, etc. This is where restaurants like Komi, CityZen, Citronelle buy most of their serving plates, dishes, etc. as well as stemware. This is their only outlet anywhere and most is approximately half price. This is a REAL find well worth the drive from anywhere in the D. C. area.

        1. re: Joe H

          Thanks all. Joe, you're the only person to come up with Fortessa, I especially appreciate that.

          1. re: Geoff

            Geoff, weezycom, I've been going to Fortessa since the late '90's including when they were only open to the public a couple of days every month. There is a great deal of turnover in their stock with frequent closeouts on what may be an extraordinary piece. I've found Zweisel hand blown decanters that retail for $350-400 for $75, absolutely beautiful, exquisite IVC glass serving plates for a fifth of their retail and other fantastic offers. When Maestro was here I used to marvel at the many unusual plates and glasses that Fabio used to present his dishes. Almost all of it was sourced at Fortessa. The same is true with Komi from what I have seen there. If you go please bear in mind that this literally is a place that has a fluid inventory with occasional sensational pieces showing up. Their closeouts are unbelievable with $25-30 wine glasses going for $5 or so each. They are also actually rather diverse in what they sell.

            1. re: Joe H

              I'm thinking I need to go in with a cash-only budget. Once the cash is spent, I have to stop whether I want to or not.

          2. re: Joe H

            Excellent! I think I know what I'll be doing with part of my 3-day weekend.