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Oct 4, 2009 06:31 AM

Hardwood Sawdust for Cold-Smoking (e.g. fish)?

Anybody know a place in the Boston area to buy hardwood sawdust (or fine woodchips) suitable for smoking food? There are plenty of mail-order options, but does anybody have experience with a local supplier?


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  1. I've bought hickory chips at HD and downtown hardware shops that work well for smoking fish. Here's a smoked blufish on a cedar plank that was very tasty. Key is to soak the wood so it doesn't flame up. I've had the best success using oilier fish like blue, mackeral, salmon. Really take well to smoking.

    1. Brookline ice and coal may have it.

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        No such luck, but they evidently do have a nice selection of chunked and chipped hardwoods -- good to know about!