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Oct 4, 2009 06:20 AM

Breakfast in Hamilton/Hightstown/East Windsor?

Looking for a place to take a group of people for breakfast that has good food, priced reasonably, and not so noisy you have to yell in order to be heard.


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  1. Americana Diner--rte 130 in East Windsor

    1. If your group isn’t too large, you might want to consider Woody’s Town Café in Allentown, NJ. Small, but good food and reasonably priced. Sunday morning is busy, but you should be okay on any day during the week. Like most places in Allentown, parking can be a problem.

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      1. re: TomDel

        WOW I am so glad you mentioned Woody's! Haven't been there in probably a year, so this was a great reminder! We'll see there Sat or Sun! Love Allentown! -mJ

        1. re: TomDel

          woody's is reasonable and edible but not worth a special trip.

          1. re: cranrob

            Americana is a good choice. I've gone with the family to Rolly's in Cranbury on Rt. 130N for breakfast a few times, food is good and not overly busy, so you can hear each other. Americana can get crowded.

            1. re: cranrob

              had fantastic pumpkin pancakes in a b&b type setting. they also offer french press coffee. quality ingredients. do not forget to pick up a loaf of 'pain de campagne' (bread) before u leave.

                1. re: Gwendolen

                  sry, the blue rooster bakery and cafe in cranbury.

                  1. re: rufeen

                    I was at the Blue Rooster one morning a couple of weeks ago and had an excellent latte. I skipped the pastries, but they were beautiful, as were the French macarons that they make. BTW - the used bookstore on Main Street has quite a large collection of used cookbooks, for those so inclined.

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      According to the owner, the Blue Rooster buys most of their pastries and desserts from the Little Chef in Princeton. Seems strange to me that a bakery would have to buy their baked goods from another bakery. Hopefully it will improve the quality - I had their cupcakes a while back and they were dreadful.

                      1. re: emma1021

                        Ah - interesting. Next time I head down to check out the bookstore I'll give a pastry a try. I thought that the employee told me that the macarons were made on the premises, but I may have heard wrong.

                        1. re: MMRuth

                          Instead of wasting your time at the Blue Rooster try Cranbury Delights just a few doors from the bookstore - opposite the post office .

            2. 5 minutes down the road from Hamilton I recommend The Wisdom Diner in Bordentown at the corner of Route 130 and Farnsworth Avenue. -mJ