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Oct 4, 2009 06:13 AM

Pane Fresco by Marc Burlington ONTARIO

Has anyone been here recently?

Looking for a meeting place for lunch in Burlington/Hamilton Ontario area.


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  1. I've gotten artisan buns from there and they were awesome.

    I haven't had the food though. Try pepperwoods (which is steps away from pane fresco). the prices of their brunch menu are not to expensive. Make sure you try some of their beers, it is brewed in house.

    1. I was curious about this place so I googled it and came up with a past chowhound thread. In case you didn't see this one:

      People there seem pleased.

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      1. re: ylsf

        Pane Fresco is an excellent bakery/cafe and good for informal meetings, but the environment would not be as good for a formal meeting.
        The food, service, quality and product there are all top notch.

      2. There is no doubt that Pane Fresco is an excellent bakery/cafe. There forte is baked goods and bread. Lunch options are somewhat limited to pizza and sandwiches. I agree that it is not the best location for a meeting as seating is limited and very tight. Assuming you are referring to a business meeting, Spencers on the Waterfront would be a much better choice.