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Oct 4, 2009 04:12 AM

What is your favorite vintage kitchen item?

We are planning a retro or 50s/60s themed shower for a friend and we want to start listing pces that we can look for in antique stores,etc.

We want the gifts to NOT be newly designed great items, but ones that are so good they cannot be improved upon? (Thinking, electric coffee percolator, etc...)
We'll take any suggestions and we have eight months to shop; many of us live in different cities. North American and European brands accepted.

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  1. Since I did not get out of high school until 1967, I think of kitchenware of that era that included my mother's Revereware pans, a few Corningware pieces, and definitely a percolator. Then I discovered an altogther different kind of retro, the things you might have found in Julia Child's kitchen...tin-lined copper, carbon steel knives, tinned plaques and molds, Apilco porcelain. I far prefer the latter kind of retro. That said, one of the things that bridges the gap well is a Melitta coffee make (although a press makes better coffee). Of course Pyrex is eternal. I still use Corningware and Pyrex pieces for microwaving things. A waffle iron is a cool thing to have, too.

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    1. re: tim irvine

      I like the carbon steel knife idea, having recently discovered them myself. However, they really do need to be taken care of.

    2. 12" Blue Michael Lax designed Copco cast-iron skillet.

      1. A ball-bearing wooden rolling pin, similar to this:

        with a "stocking" and pastry cloth, similar to these:

        Granny knew best!

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          A good old-fashioned waffle-style potato masher, not the squiggly nonsense most people have now.

          Wooden spoons

          Fun potholders and dishtowels

          An apron

          Uncoated metal bakeware

          (I don't care for it myself, but . . .) Fiestaware

        2. Roto Broil and Rotiss-a-Mat electric rotisseries; the Sunbeam self-lowering toaster (the original one - not the similarly style one made today); a Westinghouse can opener that slit the side of the lid (In can't recall the name, but it had green sides); a glass coffee percolator with an internal light on the bottom (it doesn't make the greatest coffee you've ever had, but it's beautiful); an original Silex glass vacuum coffee maker (which does make great coffee)

          1. I love my vintage aluminum foil/ wax paper / paper towel dispenser! You can find really sweet versions online, like this one on ebay:


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              Adorable; never seen one of those before!