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Oct 3, 2009 08:56 PM

Pancho's Mexican Bakery

Jennifer Bain wrote about Pancho's Bakery on Davenport in today Star. Has anyone tried their products? They all sure sounded tasty!

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  1. Amazing review in today's star

      1. I noticed this place a few months ago, as I live in the area. One day, when I needed a break from gardening, I decided to walk over to check it out.

        I picked up one of the yoyos (big cookies with strawberry jam between them), and a polvoron (looks like shortbread with sugar on it). Both were quite good - a bit less sweet than store-bought baked goods, but very good nonetheless.

        I'm not very familiar with Mexican baked goods, so I will be returning to try some of the other items. They have a good selection of pastries, breads, and other cookies.