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Oct 3, 2009 07:58 PM

Jfood wishes Aloi (New Canaan) would receive more love

Jfood just had yet another fantastic meal at Aloi in New Canaan. He just does not understand why this place was half full this evening.

Jfood ordered the garganelli with bolognese as an appetizer and the special this evening was an Osso Bucco.

This is the fifth or sixth time that jfood has ordered the bolognese and he just absolutely loves it. The meat is pleantiful on the plate, the flavors brought forth the deep flavors of the meat and it was tender enough for you tongue tender. Jfood just loves this dish.

When the Veal Shank arrived jfood stared in awe. It was enormous, larger than a softball sitting atop a layer of risotto and surrounded by the vegetables from the braise. A smaller fork protruded from the marrow. Jfood was concerned that a shank this large was not going to be tender. He carefully pulled a piece from the bone and it fell nicely away from the bone. The next test was the taste and texture. OMG as jfood chewed through this first bite, he closed his eyes, smiled and slowed his tempo. It was just too good to believe. As he looked back at the plate all he could think of was he had an enormous plate of the best Osso Bucco he has ever tasted. Another person at the table also ordered this entree and they looked at each other and shook their heads. Both agreed this was a dish to be savored slowly and allow all the chef's brilliance to last as long as possible. Obviously jfood would recommend this dish over and over again.

So jfood hopes thjat EVERYONE ventures to Aloi in New Canaan. It just seems to be an underrepresented restaurant on the board.


62 Main St Ste 4, New Canaan, CT 06840

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  1. I agree. Aloi is great and yet it never seems like they are very full. Maybe it's the ambience of the restaurant. They need support though. The outpost over by the aquarium closed. I walked by there and there were for lease signs on the window.

    1. I've had my tix for The Glass House tour for over 1 year and of course I am now just researching restaurants for dinner tonight after our tour concludes.

      We live in CT but don't head to NC for dining. The restaurants suggested to me last week are Chef Luis, Aloi and Chings. After reading posts I'm leaning toward Aloi, Osso Buco got my attention although it is not on their online menu. will have to call today and check if it will be on the specials tonight

      Other posts here: Harvest Supper also an option

      Thanks for any quick replies

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      1. re: wintkat

        First prepare yourself for a ton of OMGs when you stand in Johnson's house. You cannot appreciate it in pictures. Jfood was fortunate that he was able to visit while he was still alive and living there and he was a great fixture in town. He took a liking to little jfood when she was very young as he sat having lunch each weekend downtown. It is one of the most breathtaking experiences. And when you stand in the Clover building and see the art, think that before he died there were many more pieces that Johnson could "spin" and sit in the middle with different Warhols, including one of Johnson.

        OK enough of that.

        For dinner, take Ching's off that list if this is your visit to town. If you can get a reservation at HS, most would say that is the first choice. If your heart is set on a nice Osso, and Aloi does not have it, Bistro Bonne Nuit has a lamb shank that will knock your socks off. Large, succulent and is a huge favorite of jfood's. So if shank is your desire, check with Aloi for the veal and if you want lamb, then Bonne Nuit is your best bet.

        For apps, jfood recommends a half order of the bolognese (the pea cavatelli with sausage is a close second) at Aloi and the Tomato Tarte at BBN.

        Sole and Luis are nice, but the others are more special.

        Welcome to our town and enjoy the House and the dinner.

        1. re: jfood

          jfood many thanks for quick reply
          looking @ Aloi website dinner menu (hasn't been updated since Spring 2008) I see only 6 Primi and 6 Cena offerings
          is this what I should expect today, and I don't see a bolognese option

          how many specials are the norm?
          again thanks

          1. re: wintkat

            My vote would be for Harvest unless you are craving bolognese. I've been to Aloi a couple of times, not overly impressed with it. One time my rabbit ragu over pasta came filled with tiny litte rabbit bones, another time we had service issues, so we never went back. A couple people here do love it though.

            1. re: wintkat

              Jfood was there on 10/3 and had the Osso. And every time he has been there Aloi's menu included a bolgnese. The changes would be the type of pasta (paradelle vs the garganelli which jfood had, all made on premises) and the protein, whether beef, or boar, or another protein. So you may want to ask when you call.

              The number of specials is usually one per category, last week it seemed greens were her choice arugala and rabe were prevelant. The gorg on the salad is a very creamy, rich variety so be careful is there is any lactose intolerent folks with you.

              And if the weather is OK try eating outside since they have those tall propane heaters avaialble.

              Enjoy and hope this helps.

              1. re: jfood

                I agree with Jfood, Aloi's pastas are excellent. Their eggless ceasar salad is great. Just a nice place in general. Harvest Supper is great as is Bonne Nuit. I actually love bonne nuit. has the neighborhood feel, great roasted chicken w/frites, good escargot, good lamb shank. one of the best around places.

                1. re: LW1

                  And BBN always gives a little taste of the wine by the glass before they pour. Always a nice touch since they usually show up at the table with a couple of alternatives

                  1. re: jfood

                    yep. they also have a decent selection of wines by the glass and some half decent bottles for around $40.
                    we also usually take our well behaved 5yr old and they make her a great shirley temple.

        2. thanks again to All for input

          when the Glass House tour concluded I called Aloi @ approx
          5:15 to check on specials for the night. apparently the specials
          aren't released until 5:30. we headed to Aloi to check on specials
          no osso buco and I really didn't feel very welcome

          over to Bonne Nuit where staff was warm and welcoming when I asked to
          see menu and specials and so that was my choice

          I thoroughly enjoyed the tomato tart and braised short ribs
          husband had caesar salad and chicken with frites
          I thought the wines were way overpriced
          Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio was $67
          i had costa rican sugar cake with dulce de leche ice cream, cake dry/ice cream OK
          husband's choc cake good

          would love a recipe for the tomato tart
          we had a great day and meal

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          1. re: wintkat

            glad you enjoyed our town. hope the tour was great as well.

          2. I agree- the place should be packed as the food is that good.

            62 Main St Ste 4, New Canaan, CT 06840