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Oct 3, 2009 07:38 PM

Hats off to....(your favorite home cooking / dining enhancements)

Aren't there certain products that you've come to just know, love and truly and deeply appreciate for what they add to your daily routine and home dining experience? What comes to your mind? Here are a few of ours (no invested interest in any of these -- we're just consumers):

Chocolate: Divine 70% (its even Fair Trade!)
Wine importer: Louis Dressner based in NYC
Wine shop: Chamber Street Wines (NYC) and Eqsuin / Champion (Seattle)
Dining music: Radio Deliro (on Int'l iTunes Radio), KCRW
Farmer's Market: Seattle University and Queen Anne
Coffee: Peet's Ethoipian Fancy
Bakery: Macrina (in Seattle)
Washington wine makers: Buty; Fielding Hills
French wines: Baudry, Breton, Esmonin, Texier, Brun, Descombes
Cookware: Demeyere
Garlic Press, apple slicer and related cook tools: Rosle
Cookbooks: My grandmother's Farm Journal books, Zuni, Mastering the Art and so many more...
Essential stir-fry sauce: Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce

And last but not least....

Running shoes (since I have to work it all off): Asics Fortitude!

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  1. Ummm, Brooks Adrenaline here! But for the same reason ;)

    Favorite Ex-Boyfriend, for incredible yet offbeat conversation (usually trumps that of Boyfriend du Jour)

    Other Favorite People, including sister (600 miles away, but we constantly share cooking and food stories), ffriend Claire (a mere 480 miles away) riend Amy (650 miles away) and best friend from grad school Nellie (much farther away in France, another person with whom I share food stories and recipes)--cooking is always more fun when I know I can experience the enjoyment again, as I tell everything to the aforementioned friends

    Natural foods co-ops--love the structure and the fact that I'm a member/owner. Love it so much that I'm a life member of three of them, almost a 1000 miles spanning them

    A sense of food discovery--of ingredients, techniques, cookbooks, etc.

    Martini/Manhattan cocktail glasses (smaller, around 5 oz size or so)--beautiful modernist design

    Organic Valley Unsalted Cultured Butter

    My fabulous double-sided apron with matching oven mitts--made for me by friend Amy in fabric designed by the artist Shag!

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    1. re: nofunlatte

      Okay, I have to add my mom. We can pears, peaches, pickles, make pesto and more every years in Aug/early Sept. It makes for such a wonderful weekend and such great winter food!

      1. re: huruta

        Oh, that sounds lovely! Nothing like a reminder of summer's bounty in the midst of a cold winter! I've never canned, but my great-aunt (should have her on the list, in memory) did a lot of gardening and canning of her produce.

        ETA: Also, nothing like a good run to make one feel practicually virtuous when downing all that good Divine chocolate (which is on my co-op shopping list for today! It's even on sale!)