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Oct 3, 2009 07:10 PM

Fiammetta in Rome closed for Renovations

We just returned from a trip to Italy, was sad to learn that Fiammetta was closed for renovations. Didn't see a sign indicating when it would re-open. Just a heads up, we blew a cab fare and about 30 minutes getting to that part of town and then back over to our alternate. We were in Rome Sept 22 - 24, then returned to fly out of FCO on Sept 30 and it was still closed.

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  1. we tried twice to go there in July as well, and it was closed ... I figured something was up. This is not a 3 star michelin restaurant, but the basic roman fare was worth returning to in my several trips ... hopefully you are correct and it will be possible to eat that lovely Ristorante Fiammetta fare very soon.