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Oct 3, 2009 06:51 PM

Maui/Kauai cheap-but-good eats & can't-misses for 2-week honeymoon!

Hi All,

I'm headed to honeymoon for 2 weeks in 2 weeks, visiting both islands. We'll be in Poipu, Lihue, and all over Kauai (we're outdoorsy and love to explore). On Maui, we'll probably be in Lahania and north of that, Makawao, driving to Hana, exploring Haleakala, and staying in Wailea.

We'll be staying in resorts most of the time, but want to eat all over, in great local finds and inexpensive places. Everything from taco trucks to nice dinners. Would love to hear your recommendations.


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  1. Spent 10 days in Kaui and husband and I ate at practically every top rated restaurant on the island. (Tidepools, the beach house, dondero's, etc). With each visit we expected a pricey bill as well as outstanding food. Unfortunately we didn't find anything in the fine dining that knocked or socks off. Our favorite was Brick Oven Pizza. We loved it so much we went twice! And we had leftovers. You have to try Puka Dogs in the Poipu shopping village. The best hot dog I've had in a long time! Lastly, sushi rolls at the Hyatt's stevenson lounge were really innovative and tasty. My your fine dining dollas for maui. While in maui you definitely don't want to miss Sansei near the Ritz. Great sushi! Have a great honeymoon! Aloha!

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      Great advice - thank you! And definitely interested in Puka Dogs.

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        Second the rec for Puka Dogs! We just got back from our honeymoon- we were on Kuai and Waikiki. Had a lot of high-end dinners (Merriman's, Plantation Garden, Azure, and the Beachhouse at the Surfrider), and I still think my favorite meal was a Puka Dog. We had NYE dinner at the Surfrider, and I still, a week after!, wish we'd had a second puka dog in Waikiki. Def. get the lemon garlic sauce, sooo good.

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        we were going to get some sushi rolls at Stevenson's Library but I just wouldn't pay the $18 for a 6 piece spicy tuna roll..
        Dondero's was outstanding along with the brunch that was comped at the terrace.

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          The ahi rolls at Stevenson's Library are actually outstanding. They are nothing like poke or spicy tuna. There is something about the way the tuna is just barely cooked that makes them very good. The rest of the menu, however, is only okay.

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            I'm sure they were delicous but for $18 bucks, for 6 pieces, just wasn't going to do it..
            the wait staff from Stevenson's Library sent to my room this huge basket of Hawaiian goodies along with champagne that was big $$ and in retrospect, I should of broke down and spent that $18 on sushi...great people that work there!

      3. Breakfast at the Gazebo in Napili (north of Lahaina, almost to Kapalua).

        Dinner at Spago at the Four Seasons in Wailea. Get the 9 course tasting menu (which you may need to request in advance). In my opinion, this is the one can't-miss fine dining experience on Maui (though I have not yet been to Merriman's).

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          Oh, you share my experience completely! Actually I had a few more courses (maybe they
          changed) but it was FABULOUS. Beautiful, thoughtful,bright flavors and innovative use of beautiful ingredients young and ripe for the picking to be composed into wonderful culinary
          works of art. Lucky you to enjoy such a wonderful night.

        2. On Maui you really should try Da Kitchen for very cheap eats. Their kalbi is really good as is their macaroni potato salad. We also tried Wokstar cafe which had a delightful atmosphere (in a total dive sense) but the food wasn't very good.

          Isana is wonderful for Korean food - apart from the poke and uni I wouldn't rave about their sushi though locals swear by it. For sushi, go to Sansei which is great!

          The only place I would really warn against was Capisce. It is fairly pricey and just not anything special at all. I regret that we wasted a dinner there.

          If you're interested in coffee, don't miss the Maui Grown Coffee store. You can also drive up to their plantation and look around. Their coffee is the real deal, you can get a cup while you there and bring home some beans. The Maui Mokka is fantastic.

          1. try mamas ribs and chicken in napili point - the coffee shop one down from them - grocery store in between in good too. I like to get a bbq pork sandwich and some mac salad and then go down to flemings beach

            1. Just got back from Kauai at the Grand Hyatt and we had great dinners for pretty cheap at Keoki Paradise in Poipu across from Roy's..they have a killer spicy cashew chicken with lots of veggies and jasmine rice for around $10..great music too.

              Maui...for breakfast/lunch, cheap and delicious is the ahi benedict with wasabi hollandaise for $13 at Plantation House at the Kapalua wait and fab ocean views.
              Gazebo is always a favorite but you can wait up to an hour and the $ price is about the same at PH and no wait!
              Sansei has a great sushi happy hour and there is a great food truck south of Wailea on the beach.

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                First of all, in Hawaii you never ever get what you may think you pay for. Don´t get me wrong, I´m content with my typical Nicaraguan beans and rice dish provided it is prepared reasonably well and costs what can be expected. In Hawaii, lots of things are expensive, food in particular. That I can understand. Sloppiness is a bit harder to grasp. I was just at the Keoki place mentioned above and, well. Underneath a varnish of Hawaiiana of the usual Disney type there was a glorified truckstop diner with at best pointless food and sloppy and rude service.

                Meanhile, the scenery and wildlife is stunning. If you go to Hawaii, don´t go there for the food, and certainly not for the cooking. It is not good. Unless you pay big bucks. And then you do not get your moneys worth anyway. Eat in and save the money for the trips and go somewhere else on vacation for food.

                1. re: Wonderer

                  your post is all over the place..I'll take it that its your first post but what the hell are you trying to say?
                  Eat in and save Nicaraguan beans and rice..
                  You're in gotta eat out..your in a hotel room
                  Chowhound helps you find those places..dives or not.