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Oct 3, 2009 06:29 PM

Opinions on dinner selection

I have reservations for Friday dinner @

Mr B's
Cafe Adelaide
7 on Fulton

Need to peg it down to one.

I know there are many recommendations for Mr. B's, Brigtsen and Emerils but I'm curious to hear about the other choices. Pros and cons welcomed.

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  1. Emerils or Brigtsen, neither will disappoint.
    pls cancel the others asap.

    1. Hard to go wrong here, but I'd rate Emeril's, Bayona, Brigsten's, and Adelaide a cut above the other two. Then, it's all about what experience you want. Bayona is very romantic, and the weather might permit you to eat in the courtyard this time of year. Emeril's is more boisterous and clubby, a good choice for a large group. Adelaide is in my opinion underrated, but it does feel a little like a hotel. Finally, Brigsten's is like being in your grandparents little cottage (if one of your grandparents was a world-class chef). Simple food done well every time.