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Oct 3, 2009 06:06 PM

Banrekiryukodo--info requested

Although my next confirmed visit to Tokyo won't be until the end of February, I'm looking for info on making reservations at Banrekiryukodo.

Would it be too much of a sacrifice to give up dinner and go for lunch instead? Or is dinner much more outstanding than lunch? I tend to avoid large dinners because they wreak havoc on my digestive system and sleep, but if dinner is really so much more spectacular than lunch, I try my best.

Do they have set menus at lunch, too? The dinner menus are priced at Y10, 000, Y15 000, Y20 000, Y25 000. I assume part of the price difference is based on number of courses, in addition to quality of ingredients? With regards to my stomach, I'd probably be better off ordering a mid-level course, but again, if the Y25 000 menu would blow me away more than the Y20 000 or Y15 000 courses, then I'd "suffer" through it. :-)

Generally, when do they start accepting reservations? Two months ahead? Three? Or would I be able to get a reservation a week ahead? I noticed on their website they'll be developing on online reservation system, so hopefully that will be in place by the time I make my reservation. But if I have to call, can I use English or will they have to suffer my crap Japanese?

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  1. I have been to Banrekiryukodo for dinner two years ago but may not be able to explain most of your questions. I did not attend the luncheon so not able to compare lunch vs dinner. Picked the Yen 25k menu and it was an excellent meal; the owner is able to speak English so I don't think you will have any communication problem.

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      I recently tried to book for lunch but apparently they stopped doing lunch. Not too sure, whether this is going to change in the future. But just checked out their website at - apparently there is still no lunch menu per the website.

    2. Thanks FourSeasons and Japfan. I guess if they've stopped lunch, then dinner it is! It would be helpful if they had complete menus up to make it easier to choose between them.

      I had noticed there was nothing on the website when you clicked on "Lunch", but they still list lunch hours on their website (11:30-14:00), so I had hoped it was just a glitch.

      Do they take parties of one? I'd like to try it out first before bringing a guest (I'm trying to choose between three or four places).

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        I went with two guests but I think solo dining is possible since it has fixed menu and the seating arrangement can be flexible there.