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Good Hot Tea and Iced Tea in Montreal

not to get off topic, but it's the first opportunity to reach out to fellow tea drinkers...it seems coffee people out number us by far. Why can't restaurants serve a decent cup of tea? without the frothy microwave looking surface? If you could promise me a hot, sachet on the side, cup of tea either after dinner, I would be one happy camper. I haven't had a good cup of tea at any of the breakfast restos ever. Ok, my rant is over. Thanks kpzoo for all the info.

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  1. I agree. And for love of whatever, why are there so few places in Montreal to get a decent cup of brewed ice tea? I love how the people at Second Cup or Starbucks look at me funny when I ask for iced tea and I reject the bottled iccky sweet versions they have. So what I ask is a glass of ice and I pour hot tea over it. Not really iced tea! Funny, south of the border the same chains have brewed ice tea (often in several flavours) on hand.

    I think I will start a new thread on this.

    PS the best place for real iced tea in NDG is Cafe Grand at Grand and Sherbrooke.
    I also liked the fountain Liptons green ice tea at Bofinger.

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      Olive and Gourmando in Old Montreal has pretty good iced tea.

    2. I agree with the tea comment. It's so hard to get a decent cup of tea on the run. Sometimes i just give up and get a coffee (which i normally don't drink) simply because i dont want to deal with crappy tea.

      Had the high tea at maitre chocolatier yesterday and it was really fun and yummy. A lot of the desserts we had were different from what we had last time (flown in from france this time) and i am happy to say that it was just as good as the desserts the wife bakes. Also check out their teas (mostly tea/herb or spice blends) they are very very good.

      1. A knowlegeably brewed pot of tea, made from loose tea -- now that would be fabulous.

        The gods save us from those ubiquitous commercial bagged teas. Heck, they will bring you the hot water and the bag and by the time the water arrives, it's not really hot enough as you fumble to open the packet and dunk it. I always forget to ask them to put the bag in the pot before they pour in the water. I rarely have tea outside the home because of that.

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          Les Deux Maries on St Denis serve a nice pot of tea , the assortment is great.

        2. And does anyone know where we could get a green and black tea blend?

          1. Cha Noir in Verdun has an excellent selection of tea and I particularly like their spicy orange iced tea (though I do wish it was about twice as big on a hot summer's day!)


            1. I've been really pleased with the teas (hot and iced) and infusions at Myriade. You tea lovers should check it out if you haven't already. My favourite is the peppermint infusion.

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                Speaking of Myriade and tea, they've just started a program that features one of their exotic teas (regularly $4 a pot) -- a different variety every week -- for the price of one of their premium teas ($2.50 a pot). That's almost a 40% discount.

              2. amazingly, there's a new place at les ailes de mode called Teh Bar. They make your tea from loose leaves, they have a selection of about 50 teas and blends (about a 1/5 of the menu is herbal teas) they have your standards: blacks, greens, whites, oolongs, jamines and many many blends. You can smell everything before you order from small lab like test tubes :) you can have your tea hot brewed, iced, latted and a bunch of other ways.

                when i ordered, my tea was made from loose leaves following the unusual instructions i gave to brew it (to rinse to remove some caffine then serve me the second brewing) and, they let everyone's tea brew next to individual kitchen alarms that tells the staff when the tea is done brewing and is ready to serve!

                The staff is not as knowledgeable as a place like Salon de The on st Sulpice, for example, but heck, it's the only good cup of tea i know how to get at a mall. and for 2.50, quite reasonable. Even the cupcake i had was good!

                Enter Les ailes des modes tunnel from the Mcgill metro station and it will be the first thing you see.

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                  stopped by that place on the first day they opened. they try for a trendy chill kind of feel and they have many varieties of tea! Didn't get any of the tea mixes but did get an Earl Grey Scone which wasn't too bad.

                2. Maison de the Cha noir in Verdun has nice music, quiet surroundings and very good tea (a eclectic selection from many countries and flavours). Also some amuse guels and desserts. Also a bonus-free wifi.

                  Wellington and 2nd avenue, Verdun.