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Oct 3, 2009 04:07 PM

Does AYCE Dim Sum exist?

I have been told by someone that there is a restaurant somewhere on Bloor that has all you can eat Dim Sum on Sundays.

Does anyone know if this is true, or if there is somewhere that has it they would recommend?


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  1. There used to be a place around Bloor and Bathurst, called the Red something or other I believe. Went once, the dim sum had been prepared "earlier" not necessarily today. Other times, they just weren't open. Probably dried up and blew away by now.

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    1. I have gone to a pretty good AYCE dimsum but it was in Hamilton, called August 8. Resonable prices

      1. I heard that a place called Woo Buffet, around Dundas Square has dim sum as part of their spread. along with ayce sushi and other stuff. Can't vouch for the quality or variety though.

        1. I just saw that Thee Asian kitchen is offering it for lunch AYCE.
          Although I've not tried it.


          1. Starwalk has AYCE dimsum at both locations - Mississauga and Scarborough.


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