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Oct 3, 2009 04:04 PM

Breakfast near the airport

Looking for a Sunday morning breakfast between Manor and the Airport. I am picking up an old friend in Manor and dropping her off at the airport. We hope to find breakfast somewhere but imagine wandering around looking for a place and running out of time. We don't have time to drive back to Austin to Kerby Lane or Torchy's, so I'm sort of stuck. Thanks!

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  1. Depending on how early you leave the airport, you could try El Meson on Burleson, just west of Montopolis. It'll be on your right, maybe a half mile to a mile. Not sure of their hours or if they're open on Sunday, so you should give them a call. If they're not open, Curra's will be (on Oltorf, about a mile west of I-35).

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      Thank you very much for your reply. We checked the website for El Meson and it said that it would be open but I should have given them a call as you suggested because found them closed this morning. I am looking forward to trying it and Curra's another day. We ended up going west of the airport and ate at El Borrego de Oro at 71 and Congress with just a ten minute drive back to drop our friend off for her flight. Thank you again for your help...

    2. I know it's a day late, but perhaps this will help someone else stuck in the Manor-East Austin corridor. Don's BBQ on 969 (between Decker Lane and 973) is open for breakfast every morning. Nothing fancy - cafeteria style ordering with a big dining room. No homemade tortillas or anything like that, but a few standouts. The brisket & egg taco is pretty dreamy - they save all the crispy, fatty end bits from the lunch/dinner bbq, chop and fry them up on the flat top and pour a scrambled egg over. Same with the sausage. Homemade salsa - two kinds - one chunky not very spicy, one a little hotter and darker. Also fresh pico. Pancakes are tender with cinnamon in the batter. Decent cup of coffee. Also, I'm not into menudo but I often see the locals hunkered down over it. Friendly staff and atmosphere. Also, I think as a bbq joint it's often overlooked. The brisket is reliably good, and they make my very favorite pork ribs in town.

      1. Too late for this particular breakfast, but the Cafe 290 in Manor always provides a reliable breakfast. They are not on the menu, but if you ask, they will make you banana pancakes or even banana nut pancakes.

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          For a good basic breakfast near the airport we always opt for Dan's on Airport Blvd. It opens at 5 AM.