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Oct 3, 2009 03:49 PM

Blending wines

Hi all,
Years ago I bought many kinds of red wines and have been cellaring them. Now that they are in their drinking window, some I like and some are not now to my taste which at present is for Rhone and Italian reds. It seems many were produced in a fruit forward style, others with a high acid tannic content. These may age longer but I have my doubts. So what I do is blend a fruit forward wine with a tannic or oaky wine to my taste. My question is; does any one else do this. I am buying wines that have that bold, medium oak taste now hoping my taste remains for them. Experience says that my taste will evolve, Hopefully I will buy better wines in the future.
Thanks, Dennis

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  1. With some patience you should be able to unearth some old threads on this issue.

    Personally, no. I don't blend.
    If it's good, why should I.
    If it's bad, blending won't improve it.

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    1. I'm curious about which wines you've blended. Examples?

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        I bought 2 cases of a lackluster Fugano Chianti which I blended with some pretty harsh Los Andes Syrah from Argentina and an unspectacular Burdiglia Bourdeax. Those are mostly gone, now I have some not great Casata Nebbiola and Barbera that are getting blended with whatever I open that is too harsh or tannic. I unfortunately bought a number of crappy wines from Montesquieu that are looking to be past their window and not worth further cellaring. They need to be consumed soon to make way for the better wines I am purchasing at present. These will not need to be blended, as I pre taste now before purchase any quantity.