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Oct 3, 2009 03:27 PM

Subways new Buffalo Chicken sandwich

Hit Subway today for lunch while at work. I usually get a veggie on wheat because I think all the sandwiches kinda taste the same (I kinda stay away from thier higher fat content sauces which may lend to my opinion on that). Saw the sign for thier new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. I must say it was the best sandwich I've had at Subway. The best thing is the buffalo sauce actually has some kick to it. I did Buffalo chicken on wheat, toasted, pravalone, spinach,tomato, onion, light ranch and the buffalo sauce. Really supprised me, my new goto sandwich for subway.

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  1. my fiancee had one this week and she said it was pretty good too and low in fat. she likes the grilled chicken/buffalo combination

    1. It's a good value since they use the chicken strips instead of the patty (later is bland).

      Also they developed a light ranch dressing for it, which is great because I was getting tired of honey mustard and sweet onion.

      1. My coworker had it today and said it didn't taste like either chicken or buffalo sauce. Thought it was very bland and kinda spongy.

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          You have to ask for extra sauce. I have had two now at the first subway at the end they had the buffalo sauce in a squeeze bottle and asked if I wanted some. (other wise the chicken is just pre tossed in the sauce.) At the second subway I asked for buffalo sauce and they did not have any in a bottle just said it was already on the chicken. They were nice enough to go in back and bring out a jug and pour some in a cup and then on my sandwich. I saw the label on the jug and it was from a company whose sauces I have had before but I have since forgoten it. Without the extra sauce (which I didn't know was extra the first time I could see where your co worker could be right. Don't know why it would be spongy though.

        2. I have a tough time with subway, due to the odd consistency of their bun or whatever that thing is called, the thinness and blandness of their meat, and the odd concoction of vegetable toppings, which always tastes exactly like water, regardless of what veggies you ask for and regardless of their combination. And stay away from their vinegar. They always add too much and it winds up drowning the entire sandwich.

          I was hoping their grilled chicken would be a nice change of pace, but the meat has the consistency of a sponge.

          If I'm in a rush, I actually prefer Subway to burgers and sometimes to quiznos as well due to price. For better or for worse, Subway is everywhere. Like on every block. And it's dirt cheap. Sigh.