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Oct 3, 2009 03:13 PM

Any great places to dine for dinner in Studio City?

My daughter recently moved to Studio City. Any recommendations to dine while visiting?


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  1. You better like sushi - Asanebo and Katsu-Ya and Kiwami and Sushi Nozawa all come to mind.

    1. I agree with carter; you have a lot of good sushi places.

      For its funkiness, I also like Daichan: 11288 Ventura the opposite end of the same mall with Nozawa. Although Daichan does not compare in quality with Kiwami, for instance, it is a good, casual, inexpensive option.

      1. Angelino Pizzeria
        Ca Del Sole
        Sompun Thai
        Original Thai
        Lala's Argentine Grill

        oh, and Big Sugar Bakeshop for brownies.

        Angelino's Express Pizzeria
        4384 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91602

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        1. re: jackattack

          less exotic -
          spark on ventura.

          also maximilian's in north hollywood (we're talking five minutes away) on weddington off of tujunga.

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            second these. North Hollywood is very close too...

            for breakfast or pastries, Aroma is next to Caiotti.
            in case you want a quick sandwich for lunch, try Belwood Bakery.
            we like Amir's Falafel on Ventura.
            Try EAT in North Hollywood for breakfast... unless you want to drive over the hill to Hollywood for the Griddle Cafe and ridiculous decadence/indulgence.
            La Maria in North Hollywood for Colombian
            Curry House in NoHo
            if you're looking for something healthier, try Hugo's in Studio City
            for deli, Art's... one of the better reubens around
            for a nice patio, esp for a drink, Firefly

            ...and depending how far you want to travel, you're close to sherman oaks too...

          2. Lal Mirch for Indian. On Ventura near Tujunga. They have off-street parking in addition to their tasty menu.

            1. Well, you definitely will have plenty of sushi options.......hope you likey. For those other days:

              Art's Deli (south side of Ventura, west of Laurel Canyon)

              For a nice dining experience, RISOTTO (south side of Ventura, between Whitsett and Coldwater). They have a wonderful squid ink risotto and carry my favorite wine - an Amarone.

              Mistral is also nice - although technically I think they are in Sherman Oaks.

              Don't forget the CARNEY's train for hot dogs!!! (north side of Ventura near Whitsett)

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              1. re: Chow Bella

                Absolutely second Carney's for a casual dog or chili cheese burger.

                1. re: LATrapp

                  Starry Kitchen. Food cooked at a couple's apartment, served on their out- door hallway. Delicious Asian food served on taco shells, burrito skins or French bread. $5 with a drink. Address on Yelp and Facebook. Great place for your daughter to make new friends. Lunch tomorrow (Sunday) 12 to 3.