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Oct 3, 2009 03:06 PM

Boston romantic dinner...

My boyfriend and I are looking for recommendations for a romantic dinner for two in one of the upcoming weekends. We have been living in the Boston area for many years. We know the usual spots (Hammersly's, Craigie on Main, Radius, L'Espalier) but we're looking for something new. We're not interested in Itailian. We're willing to spend some money, but it has to be for good food (for example, a $200 meal wouldn't be out of the question).

In terms of menu, we're looking for a restaurant that serves a variety of quality food with options for more common staples (for the boy) and more esoteric or uncommon options (for me). I also enjoy "farm to table" style restaurants, but I'd want one that has a special atmosphere. We've put Icarus, No. 9, Evoo, and Troquet on the short list. We'd welcome opinions on these restaurants, as well as new recommendations.

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  1. Unfortunately, Icarus is no more. I love Evoo - a great menu and lot of selections for all eaters. Marginally romantic as it is a large dining room but relatively quiet - just not intimate. No. 9 is very romantic depending on where you are seated as is Troquet. Others will chime in on these - all very fine choices.

    1. Also, as of now we have a late night reservation at No.9. Any recommendations for places to get a drink beforehand?

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        The bar right there at No. 9. You won't find a better cocktail in the city.

      2. Have you been to Salts? Really excellent food there, and a cozy place in which I've had a romantic dinner.