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Oct 3, 2009 02:30 PM

Help! Brooklyn Heights Delivery...

Hello Chowhounders,

Having recently moved to Brooklyn Heights (last Wednesday) from Tribeca, we've already come to the conclusion that our delivery options are severely limited. Considering we live on delivery, this is not a good situation. We were lucky enough to rely on seamlessweb for our city delivery needs, but again, that's not a good option here, as there are very few restaurants that seem to be using that service.

I've perused the board, but most of the Brooklyn Heights posts are rather dated.

I've been a longtime chowhound reader, but this is my first post. I know I'm in the right place.


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  1. Teresa's, the Polish place on Montegue St. delivers quickly and reliably. Explore the menu... cheap but actually not bad.
    Fascati's, the pizza place on Henry, also delivers. Decent.
    La Traviata on Montegue is edible and has a thriving delivery biz.

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    1. re: Steve R

      Thanks Steve R! As luck would have it, I'm a Steve R. too.

      We actually had brunch at Theresas today, which was very good. Their blintzes are heavenly. We're going to try our luck at Noodle Pudding tonight. Not delivery, but sampling the new hood.

      Thanks again.

    2. Welcome to the neighborhood. We're still a little behind the curve in terms of seamlessweb, so finding the delivery places is a bit more of a challenge. A few options you might not think of for delivery are: Queen on Court St. for very good, but pricey, Italian (718-596-5954) and Tutt Cafe (718-722-7777) or Fatoosh (718-243-0500 ), both on Hicks, for Middle Eastern. When we're in the mood for Chinese delivery, our go-to is Lichee Nut on Montague as the best of a fairly mediocre bunch -- but others prefer Andy's or one of the Henry St. places.

      Good luck exploring -- there's actually quite a bit of good delivery to be found. One helpful resource is menupages, where you can search by neighborhood and then filter for places that deliver:

      1. A few more good suggestions:

        -- Petite Marche on Henry Street actually delivers. The frites don't travel well but the rest is pretty great.

        -- Waterfall on Atlantic is fantastic and cheap.

        -- The new Indian on Remsen between Court and Clinton is way better than Amin. Slow to deliver but solid food for surprisingly little money.

        -- Henry Street Ale House sometimes delivers. Some nights they're too busy. I love their chili.


        1. For organic (veg and non-veg) that delivers, try Siggys on Henry Street.
          Here's their site:
          I'm a fan of their Salmon burger, and they have a good brunch on the weekend.

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          1. re: venezuelan

            We moved to the Heights from Tribeca four years ago and agree with your assessment. For delivery, we tend to gravitate to the south part, Atlantic Ave, of the Heights (La Pizzetta for pizza - good but pricey, Fatoosh and Fountain for middle eastern - Waterfalls seems to have declined a little recently). I second the rec on Queen, thats a good choice but expensive so we end up sharing something. I think it gets better in Cobble Hill and some of the places will deliver up to us - Japanese is pretty good, between Ki and Osaka. I agree with the overall sentiment of the comment on Chinese options in the neighborhood, much discussed and lamented on the board, although there has been some recent and noticeable improvement at Szechuan Garden on Smith (they will come up north) and there was one thread that started to imply that there was a seemingly complete culinary transformation of the Great Wall on Henry (what a great leap forward that would be). While I am skeptical, if true, it would be both terrific and miraculous. Skip Grimaldi's. Diners are all just OK (we prefer Clark's). Nicky's on Atlantic will deliver a pretty good Vietnamese banh mi, but others prefer Hanco (I don't know if they will come up this far). Agreed on Teresa's. We have had good roast chicken from Coco Roco on Smith. For sit down, Henry's End/Noodle Pudding/Le Marche are all terrific, along with Hibino (further south) and Bocca Lupo. We like Waterfront Ale House as well, but not delivery. If you are willing to travel a little bit (nothing like a walk in the crisp fall air), Ferdinando's and Calexic on union are both not to be missed. But there are some great threads on Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens that go into much more detail on the number of options down there.

            1. re: BillyBob

              My gf and I often do delivery from Queen, we'll share an order of pasta fagioli, which is fantastic and a huge portion, and a pasta dish, usually a baked ziti or linguine with clam sauce, delivered for about $25. I'll tend to agree with everything BillyBob says above. Rice in DUMBO is another option, they have some good, not great, dishes and it's affordable

          2. Anybody try the new Indian place called 'Curry Spot' on Remsen?

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            1. re: NYJewboy

              We've been getting delivery from Curry Spot about 3 times a week lately, which is ridiculous. But it's so good!

              1. re: jumpattack

                I tried CS on the basis of your recommendation (as well as a few others). I had the chicken dansak and a nan. I ordered it spicy, and it was about medium, which was what I expected. My main complaint was that the sauce was thin and watery. This dish is generally cooked down thick with lentils and spinach. The chicken itself was good, not too dry or undercooked, but a little bland. The rice was standard.

                It was fine, although it was nothing to praise too highly. I was surprised it was as good as it was, being that the delivery options in this area have always been notoriously awful. Out of 10 I give it a 4 or 5. Good for a quick local delivery, but still the upper end of 'just ok'.