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Oct 3, 2009 02:24 PM

Madison, WI Head to Head Choices

We're going for dinner in Madison in a few weeks. We have eaten at L'Etoile several times - it's one of our favorites - but have increasing heard buzz about Harvest. Since we onlyt get to dine in Madison a couple times per year we don't to be disappointed. What do locals say about comparisons between the two places?

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  1. I like L'Etiole better. We tend to go to Magnus or Lombardino's instead of Harvest. Not exactly sure why.

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      We are also devotees of Lombo's but have stayed away from Magnus since the menu change away from South American and towards Scandinavian.

      Have you tried the new menu and will you share your opinions?

    2. I love Harvest, always have. L'Etoile is always wonderful, but can be a bit expensive. I have no interest in dining at Magnus anymore. Bad , weird food doesn't interest me. Lombardino's or Old Fashioned are far better choices.