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Oct 3, 2009 01:54 PM

Spot for a post-wedding-reception dinner in Silver Spring/Kensington/Wheaton?

So a whole bunch of relatives are coming to town for my cousin's wedding, and I, being the only DC local in the family, have been assigned the task of finding a restaurant for the wedding party and family to eat after the wedding and reception. The wedding is in Kensington, and they're thinking (wisely, I think) that trying to get everyone into the city for dinner when nobody knows where they're going, on a Friday night, is probably a bad idea, so the area under consideration is Kensington/Silver Spring/Wheaton. Unfortunately, being a city kid with no car, I don't know the restaurant scene in the suburbs at all, really, which brings me here.

A couple of particulars:

* My aunt and uncle, who are footing the bill, don't have a ton of money, and their wallets will probably already be well-stretched before paying for a dinner for twenty, so this needn't be fancy. It'd be good if the atmosphere was such that someone in a button-up shirt and maybe a sport coat wouldn't look out of place (so, no drive-in burger shacks), but needn't be much nicer than that. Entrees should probably fall somewhere in $10-$25 territory.

* Lots of my family members are not city people, and the latest Nicaraguan/Japanese fusion is probably beyond their palates, so I'm looking for something reasonably accessible (seafood, Italian, new American, etc.).

* It should be able to accommodate a reservation for 20.

* Oh, and most of them are teetotalling Mormons, so things like the wine list, corking fee, etc., are not considerations.



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  1. Have you considered Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring? It's steak so no freak factor, feels both fancy and casual at the same time, and it fits your budget. I believe they have a private space in the back but you would have to doublecheck. Added bonus, you can get there without a car so you could check it out before the wedding.

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    1. re: shellymck

      Cool. Their website seems not-functional, so I can't find a menu, but checking it out by metro is good advice. Thanks!

      1. re: apendleton

        Ray's does have a private room, and it should seat 20 with no problem.

        They don't have a website.

        It's slightly out of your price range - most of the entrees are in the $20-$35 range, but I think you'll be happy there. Give them a call - they do a great job with groups. Not only do I go there regularly, I've hosted a number of banquets there.

    2. Considering that the people are non-adventurous and want to keep the tab reasonably low, I'd recommend Vicino in downtown Silver Spring, a pretty standard Italian restaurant that can get twenty into one table (and a room downstairs). Nothing goument but palatable decent food.

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        1. re: apendleton

          I have never been there but, based upon the online menu, they seem very similar and, again based on the menu alone, Da Marco might be better.

      1. I agree that Ray's is a great idea. I think they would be willing to accommodate your price requirements with a prix fixe and the food is terrific steak house fare.

        1. Is Bethesda also under consideration? Its about the same distance as Downtown Silver Spring to Kensington. If so, I would give Woodmont Grill a call. Other places to consider: BlackFinn, Mccormick & Schmick's Seafood‎, and Mon Ami Gabi.