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Oct 3, 2009 01:14 PM

Amercian Flatbread in Clarendon, Sneak Preview Offer 2Nite

Just came back from American Flatbread in Arlington. They are serving until 9pm tonight, and they offered me everything at half price. So a $15 pizza came out to $7.50. Can't argue with the price.

Or the pizza.

I had a "Revolution" pizza with caramelized onions and mushrooms. I couldn't stop eating it. The onions add some sweetness, so just get the plain pizza if that is not your cuppa.

You should make a reservation if you want to get in tonight. 703-243-9465. On the corner of 11th and N. Fillmore.

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  1. Thanks for the head's up. We went last night and the food was yummy. ordered the Revolution and then ordered another - the country ham cheddar and apple etc,just to taste and for leftovers. Couldn't resist the half price event. Also ordered salad with ginger vinaigrette. Salad was really good- fresh greens and sesame seeds and the Revolution was delicious. I liked the second flatrbread (ham et al) but not as well. The leftovers today for lunch were delicious as well. Will definitely return.