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Oct 3, 2009 12:38 PM

Triangle: Vegatarian Taiwanese Food at festival 10/4/09!

Buddha's Light International Association, a Temple near Cary is having a fundraiser Sun. 10/4 to help rebuild schools destroyed by the Morakot typhoon. Food is vegetarian and prepared by Temple members. (My SO attends and reports the food is always fantastic!)

Festival is 11-3, $10 donation. I am still unsure of food costs, but will update if I learn anything new!

Location if off Tryon Road:

2529 Prince Dr
Raleigh, NC 27606-4108

Edit: The $10 donation gives you a card which has 4 tickets worth 2 points each and 2 tickets worth 1 point each - total of 10 points. My understanding is a point = $1 in purchase power. All food and other items will use points for purchase. Additional $10 tickets may be purchased as desired. From what I can tell $10 should buy a good amount of deliciousness.

This will be indoors. Sounds like lots and lots of food! I was advised that modest dress is appreciated (no tank tops or short-short skirts or shorts). Longer shorts, jeans and other casual clothing is fine. Language shouldn't be an issue.

Did I say lots of food made by the members? !

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  1. Food and drinks were $1 and $2. Fried daikon cakes, egg rolls, a very mild curry, several rice and noodle dishes. Moon cakes, pineapple cake, custard and cookies. Many other items. Food was tasty! The response was much bigger than they had anticipated, so many food items started running out around 1:30.

    This drew people from a wide area, many driving from SC and VA.

    Hopefully if they do this again I'll be able to post with more advanced notice!