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Oct 3, 2009 12:31 PM

Decent Steak? Near MIT/Central?

The weekend of the Head of the Charles...where is the likeliest place to find a decent steak meal...but not be at the mercy of say Ruths Chris or KO?
I just want to feed a big eater/teen boy ...

I am thinking Fri night we will venture out and havent decided if we will try again to get into Neptune Oyster Fri night--since the last time we were in town,in March, they were packed the night we tried to get in there....

but wondering with crowds place to eat Sat night ....we're staying at Le would you say stay there and eat at Sidney's?

He races EARLY Sunday am...


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  1. Would not eat at Sydney's - Miracle of Science for budget good food, Green Street for moderate budget good to great food, Central Kitchen for upscale casual bistro food, or Craigie on Main eating in the bar for top notch amazing food at high prices and waitstaff with attitudes (bar service is better).

    1. I would definitely avoid Sydney's, there are much better options closeby.

      The closest place for a traditional steak dinner would be Frank's on Mass Ave (about 3 mi up Mass Ave in North Cambridge). It has an old school atmosphere that is quite nice and pretty good food.

      Otherwise, the previously mentioned Green Street and Craigie Street both will have a good steak dish on the menu. Other options of a similar nature not too far away, a 10 min walk or very short cab ride, include Garden at the Cellar and Blue Room. Both have varied menus and will have a steak.

      Even though it is a bit farther and requires a cab ride, Franks sounds like it may be the best fir for you.

      Good luck to your son in his races. Enjoy the weekend.

      Frank's Steak House
      2310 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

      1. Thanks so much. I think we are getting a handle on options in this neighborhood. In March we stayed in Downtown Crossing...and here at Chow everyone helped very much. A great community!
        Between the posts on the two threads, we arein good shape. ;o)

        1. Legal Seafood's surf and turf may be another option?

          1. if he is a big eater, the small flatiron steak at Craigie will likely not be enough to feed him...for a large steak, you might need to go into Boston, e.g., Abe & Louie's or Umbria Prime

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              update: the flatiron has been replaced on the current menu by a ribeye (although in terms of taste and size, it's more like a very lean filet mignon than your typical fatty ribeye)