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Oct 3, 2009 12:15 PM

Touring Pacific Northwest

I am planning a three week driving tour of the Pacific Northwest. I plan on visiting Mt. Rainier, Seattle, Olympic National Park, Victoria BC, and then a coastal drive down to Crater Lake. I need lots of suggestions because this is my first trip to the region. I am looking mostly for inexpensive to moderately expensive places and am open to all food. I live in the deep south and eat at roadside stands, buffets, mom and pops, as well as an occasional high-end meal. I love seafood but want to try the very best that there is in the region. Ba-Ring it!

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  1. Of course I would suggest seafood in Seattle! Others can give specifics on restaurants, it has been awhile since I ate out in Seattle.
    If you are going to the Olympic National Park, I would highly suggest a lunch stop at Lake Cresent Lodge. They are pricey for what you get at dinner, but lunch is very nice. Especially a window seat overlooking the lake. Order a nice Washington wine, some mussels, etc....and a berry desert. Afterward, you can take a little walk in the Forrest along a flat trail to view the rain forest . Have something Huckleberry while here. We have amazing purple huckleberries in season in October and November. Salmon is a given for the area but don't forget Dungeness crab. Yum.
    Think "inner hippie" when traveling around the northwest. Try a coop or farmers market for fresh, organic, local cheeses, produce and artisan breads.
    Canada is a cheese lovers dream. I always order beef in Canada, they age it nicely and it it always tastes "beefier" to me. High Tea at the Empress is always fabulous. I crave Canadian sausage rolls and pasties.

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    1. Sunsuze, Going toward Olympic National Park don't miss Xinh's in Shelton for great seafood. (Only open for dinner; reservations recommended even in this economy.) Vuelva A La Vida in Tacoma for some remarkable Mexican food. (No chips or salsa--this is the real deal. Order seafood--especially oysters.) The Szechuan crab at Seven Stars Restaurant in Seattle's International District is a Chowhound's dream. Mussels at the upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market are exceptional as are the frog's legs at Quinn's on Capital Hill. Also recommended in Seattle's International District are Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf and the humble Hing Loon. (Do not be put off by its lack of decor which strangely resembles a high school cafeteria.) Salumi in Seattle is a Chowhound pilgrimage (Weekdays lunch only, get there by 11:30.) Enjoy your PNW Chowhound adventure!

      1. when are you doing this trip?
        No Portland?

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          No Portland. The trip will be Aug 22- September 30 2010