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Oct 3, 2009 12:06 PM

What's your Strip Steak rating?

I know many of you will think I'm mad preferring strip to porterhouse... but a med rare strip is my thing! Where's worth trying in Manhattan? Any location, any price just not fancy dining places.


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  1. I am anxiouslt awaiting the results---I am a strip steak fool

    1. I don't. I think ordering a porterhouse is a waste. Half of the steak is a flavorless soft tenderloin.

      Although I'm a ribeye guy, my favorite NY strip is at Strip House. 2nd place goes to BLT Prime.

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      1. I don't think you are mad; I agree 100%. Sometimes I like a good ribeye, though. For the perfect strip, go to Spark's. As an added benefit, they have the best wine list of any steakhouse in town, and it is very affordable. Enjoy.

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        1. re: steakman55

          Ribeye is one of my favorites...Where is the best ribeye in NY?

          1. re: steakman55

            I am pleased to hear the Spark's is doing a good strip steak. How thick is it? I confess that I have not been there in years so I am ignorant. (I'm out-of-town too...)

            1. re: steakman55

              i prefer the strip steak rather than the whole porterhouse as well. the steak at sparks is good but it's not a strip loin, it's a sirloin. strip house has a great bone-in strip steak.

              1. re: tkm616

                Even though Sparks calls it a sirloin, it is really a boneless strip steak.

                1. re: ESNY

                  one of the times i went there, the waiter called it a ny strip. i was confused about that. doesn't make sense but i guess a good steak's a good steak. i still like bone-in better.

                  1. re: tkm616

                    In California it's called a New York steak

              2. re: steakman55

                I used to go to Sparks all the time for their strip. But a few years ago I found it to be inconsistent.. and sometimes not even served hot?

              3. I think Minetta Tavern's bone-in NY strip steak is the best of its type in the city. Strip House would be second. If you're willing to put up with the reservation headaches and/or show up early and sit at the bar, I'd go with Minetta Tavern.

                1. Is it possible to get a bone-in strip for 2 people. I know they do it for 2 and for 4 with Porterhouse. If possible, where?