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Oct 3, 2009 11:31 AM

Quince reopens in San Francisco on Pacific Avenue

Quince reopned on Thursday, October 1. We went for dinner the following evening. Here is an early report. Most restaurants take weeks or months to get everything in sync, so keep that thought in mind. We tried to ignore the clear growing pains of an essentially new restaurant.

They have an ala carte menu, five course prix fix menu ($85), and Eight course tasting menu ($115). Prix fix menus are for the entire table. Menus can change every couple days.

This is a modern elegant, dimly lit romantic restaurant with stylish chandeliers, exposed brick in the back, and high ceilings. Large main dining area with peripheral area in the back, long bar to the side, lounge in front, and a private dining room. Huge 10,000-bottle wine cellar. Clearly this is an special occasion restaurant. The restaurant just moved, so it was full of dressed old customers, foodies, and the well heeled. Most folks were 40+.

Pasta used to be their strong suit. We tried four pasta dishes and found very good, but oily and salty. Alot of fine tuning is needed here.

Entrees used to be weak, but the Duck and Halibut were excellent.

Sea scallop, veal and tuna, and squab appetizer were solid.

Warm Butternut Squash Fondant and Compos of plout were some funky desserts.

Portions are on the light side. Prices are on the high side. Give this place some time to gel if you had planned to visit.

All the details and pictures:

Quince Restaurant
470 Pacific Av, San Francisco, CA 94133

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  1. Did you eat there when it was Myth, and if so has it changed much?

    "Compos of plout"? What the heck is that? (There's no new menu on the Web site yet.)

    Quince Restaurant
    470 Pacific Av, San Francisco, CA 94133

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    1. First big noticeable change I noticed is they allowed photos. LOL

      Quince has been on my must go list for awhile. Some day soon I hope.