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Oct 3, 2009 11:26 AM

Know where to buy Food Mill in Twin Cities?

I need a decent stainless steel food mill, and I don't have much money. I need a 4 qt one but I realize that for cheap that may not be possible, so the bigger the better. 2 or 3 straining discs would be preferable too. I also need to buy locally so internet is out. Can anyone direct me to a store in the Twin Cities that carries food mill's? I can't seem to find them anywhere.

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  1. Williams Sonoma, Cooks of Crocus Hill (Grand Avenue in St. Paul or 5)th and France, Edina. Kitchen Window near Lake Calhoun is sometimes less expensive. You could even try Target.

    1. If you don't mind shopping about a little, you can sometimes find something like this at a second hand store. There's a quirkly little second-hand shop on Randolph just east of Snelling. I can't remember the name, Uncommon Goods, or something like that. I know they've had them in the past. Of course, you don't get a ton of choice, but it might be pretty inexpensive.

      I bought mine at Fleet Farm. It was just the super basic model, I don't think it came with multiple disks, but you could always call and see if they offer the higher end model. Mine was about $20.


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        I just randomly remembered the name of the second hand store on Randolph in St. Paul. It's called "Practical Goods."


      2. i believe that the Wedge Co-op used to carry food mills, but I don't remember the size. I'd give them a call.

        1. Sur la table has a great oxo one with three different blades but it is plastic but its the best I have used. i used food mills allot. Otherwise if you want to go cheaper mils fleet farm and hardware stores also tend to carry them this time of year do to caning.

          1. i'd call hockenbergs restaurant supply and see if they carry a food mill.