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Oct 3, 2009 10:32 AM

Apples in Edmonton

So its that time of the year where my family's thoughts turn to fresh apple pies. We usually make about 6-8 for the winter months, but this year, improper pruning + wacky fall wind storms have combined to wreck havoc with our family tree, and we don't have nearly as many fresh apples on the branches as previous years.

With my heart still set on at least a half-dozen pies plus apples for snacking, we're going to have to turn to other supplies. Groecery store apples are out of the question, as they have travelled 100s of kilometers in less than ideal storage conditions, and coated with whatever that disgusting waxy substance is.

So where do I go for fresh, bulk apples? I know the farmer's market has them available, and l'm going to check out selection and prices today, but if I remember correctly those will be some expensive pies if I go that route. Is there something an apple orchid in the city I don't know about? Do I have to drive to BC? Or is the cost of fresh apples just something I'm just going to have to deal with?

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  1. I have seen (last fall anyways) what appeared to be fresh, unwaxed, bulk apples at the Real Canadian Wholesale Club on 99th St. They're from BC though.

    I wasn't aware of much commercial apple growing in Alberta....even at the farmer's market I thought most were from BC.

    1. I don't make pie, so don't know what quality and variety of apple you need, but if you go to strathcona market, go to the fruit vendor at the south end, middle/west, between the hutterites and the old gal that sells flowers. They usually have big bags of juicers for cheap, might be Ok for pie.

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        That's exactly the vendor I bought from on Saturday, Dan. And the cost wasn't quite as expensive as I thought.

        BC is local enough for me. It doesn't have to be Alberta. I was just trying to supplement our family's harvest and didn't want to throw the tasteless mystery apples from Safeway in with the one pastry I can make pretty well.

        egon, thanks for the tip about RCWC. That sounds just about what I was looking for. I will check them out this weekend if we do another round.

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          Superstore had bins of probably the same apples as the RCWC. The sign said they were orchard apples....

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            I've seen huge bins of apples at both Superstore and Sobeys in the past. You might also want to check at some of the smaller grocery/fruit markets. Apples always seem to be super cheap. I know H&W has all BC apples at 77 cents/pound right now. There were Gala's, Ambrosias, HoneyCrisps, Sun Rise...Lots of options when I stopped in.

      2. You might think I'm crazy - check and do a search for apples. I saw a post some time ago about someone with an apple tree looking to give some away - made me think about my old house in Highlands and how I could never use all those apples myself. Also saw this post: Beaumont area grown apples, organic, contact 780 929 5046. Good luck!

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          Kijiji is a great idea. Anyone have any luck with this?

          Probably too late for this season, but I recall speaking to someone at the En Sante Wines booth at the downtown farmers market and she mentioned they do some u-pick apples there. They have many varieties of organically grown I think. Maybe they have some stored that they are selling. They are near Two Hills - contact info on their website