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Oct 3, 2009 10:09 AM

Any recs for a decent grind & brew that won't break?

We are on our 4th coffeemaker, in less than a few years, and can't seem to find a decent grind & brew that won't break in one way or another. First we were replacing glass carafes left & right, so now I have a thermal 12 cup Cuisinart grind & brew. It makes decent coffee, when it works, but the mechanism to keep the filter door shut during the grind process doesn't work now, so you have to stand there & hold it long enough until that part is over.

This am, my DH had a shower of coffee beans over half of the kitchen b/c the mechanism to keep the beans put while you clean out the channel has been broken within the first month. It's not even a year old. We've had every brand I can think of, and they are all made with plastic parts that break. We went to a major culinary store and bought the most expensive machine they had, and here we are now, cleaning up yet another mess of coffee beans.

So, I'm thinking I may have to go to a kitchen supply store for restaurants and look at what they have that are made of metal, no plastic, and spend $$$. I guess a separate burr grinder & drip maker? I wish I didn't have to go that extra step.

Does anyone out there have any recommendations for fine coffee makers, other than pulling out my grinder and percolator that I use for camping trips???

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  1. I've never heard of anyone being happy with their grind and brew. And isn't it a pain with these stupid machines? We're blowing through cheap ones at the office (and by cheap, I mean top of the line at the regular kitchen stores).

    At home, I have a reconditioned Cuisinart burr grinder I bought on Amazon--works great, and it didn't break the bank. 2 years and going strong. I'd just go that route.

    Then I'd check out the coffee makers on Maybe something low tech would work great for you, or maybe it's time to invest in a really nice drip machine?

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    1. re: Vetter

      My husband said the same thing, re the cheap machines and trying everything at the office!

      I am forwarding him the link. Thanks for the info.

    2. Cuisinart are very good with their guarantee, you can call them and explain your problem and they will have you send your coffee maker in and most of the time it cost next to nothing and they repair it for you. Give them a call, my daughter who lives in Md. had the same problem with her Cuisinart and they replaced it

      1. WOW-that's the same problem we are having too! This is G&B #2 from Cuisinart- the first one developed a crazy whistle during the brew. They gave my husband heck on the phone but replaced it. Now we have the d@mn door that flies open.

        Here's what happened one gorgeous, work day morning when we set the programmer for 5:30am and got up at 6..

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        1. re: Boccone Dolce

          I know! We don't even set the thing on program anymore - had enough of either cleaning the mess or coming down to "spittle" what I call the brewed water b/c the grinder didn't put any coffee in the filter!

          I'm tempted to send it back to them & ask for a new one but hate the idea of dealing with packing it.

          1. re: Phurstluv

            Good luck! We were pretty unhappy when it started up with this crap. I've thought about using duct tape on it! This replacement POS is about 8 months old and no warranty at this point I would guess since they sent it to us free. I suppose we could just get a grinder and a normal maker-the convenience factor of the G&B seemed too good to be true-obviously $150 does not buy you happiness.
            p.s. Cuisinart if you are reading this- I had to pull out my stove, mop and clean then DRY under it, yank out all my pots in the cupboard you see there and the stuff in the utensil drawer and wash (and dry) ALL of it, plus go to work-oy! I was very, very tense that day. Never got my coffee, either!

          2. re: Boccone Dolce

            brilliant picture. yes, that's exactly the problem with that coffee maker. (and the jet engine cacophony of the grinder).

          3. We hate hate hated the original grind and brew we bought from Cuisinart. Not only was it a total bitch to clean, the plastic parts broke easily. We finally bought another (reconditioned) because the fantastic Melita grind-and-brew we switched to for about 6 years (only $50 when we bought it!) ultimately had a plastic part break to pieces, and it was no longer in manufacture.

            We still hated hated hated the Cuisinart--even the coffee was too weak--so I sold it at a yard sale.

            Twice burned, we were extraordinarly cautious when Cuisinart came out with yet ANOTHER model, but the only other choices (capressa? something like that) were just out of our price league. I did a lot of research, though, and this new version (a stainless steel with a burr grinder and a large storage hopper on top, with a thermal carafe) is much more sensible to clean and maintain, and SEEMS to be holding up. My husband has run it religiously ever day for 15 months, now, and he's a Luddite when it comes to maintaining anything tricky or delicate. So far, so good...and the adjustment levels/controls are excellent.

            It sounds like a jet engine taking off when it grinds, but we just use it as a back up alarm clock. ;-)

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            1. re: Beckyleach

              That sounds like the one we have. I guess just keep your fingers crossed!

            2. I've used each model of the Capresso combo unit over the past 5 or so years and have been very happy with each one, including the latest thermal model. They are fragile and they do need to be setup very carefully in order to operate correctly, however. I know a lot of peope have had issues with these - all I can say is that in 5 years of daily use, I've never broken one and have had less than 10 mishaps, every one of which was my fault. That said, if you aren't the careful, meticulous type - I'd look elsewhere.