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Oct 3, 2009 09:19 AM

Yet another- what do you think post...

So DH and I are flying into NOLA in 2 weeks on a Friday. We arrive around 11 am and will probably head to Mr Bs for the BBQ shrimp and YaYa for lunch after we check into our FQ hotel. In your opinion is this the best place for New Orleans style barbeque shrimp? We already have reservations that evening for August (its our anniversary).

Wanting to go to Crescent city FM on eith Sat or Tues, not sure which is better...or what is in the area "to do"?
Thinking about a swamp tour vs plantation tour (grew up in FL, not so sure I need to see gators and swamps, lol) during the day and will prob get a muff from Central grocery to go.
Debating between Stella and Emerils for Saturday dinner. Followed by a pub and bar tour/crawl.

Sunday will prob be Commanders for Brunch, and not sure about dinner choice. Hoping to give the pocketbook a rest after Fri and Sat dinners. Really love Tapas and Sushi but not sure where to try those in Nola or if we would rather stick to regional cuisine, maybe an inexpensive-moderate local seafood type place? Looking into Habitat for Humanity during the day on Sunday or Monday.

Monday brings a fair amount of closed places places will probably start off people watching over beignets and cafe au laits at Cafe du monde. We have been to the zoo on a previous trip and I was wondering if the aquarium is any good. Definetly want a roast beef po boy for lunch, not sure where to get the best one. Enjoyed Bayona on a previous trip bu t have heard it has gone downhill, where else would be a good dinner choice?

Tuesday afternoon we head home, will possibly try Stanleys for breakfast and another muff to go for lunch. Unless we go to Crescent city FM on Tuesday and we would take home bounty from there...

Thanks so much in advance, DH and I really enjoy your city and all it has to offer!

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  1. Mr. B's is a fine version of BBQ shrimp. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I've always enjoyed their soups as well.

    The Tuesday market offers plates of prepared food, as someone mentioned in a previous post. From there you could take a walk on the levee or in Audubon park, or go shopping on Magazine Street. The Saturday market is downtown near the World War II Museum, which is a fascinating place (even if you don't think you'd be interested, no one I've ever taken there has been disappointed).

    Check out the farmer's market website for more info:


    Maybe try a plantation if you feel "swamp savvy" already. I highly recommend Laura Plantation for a glimpse into life on a sugar plantation. The house isn't a Tara-esqe Greek revival mansion, but rather a lovely Creole home.

    Stella or Emeril's are both great. Flip a coin.

    There's no great sushi or true tapas in the Quarter. Try Green Goddess for an adventurous snack - you'll probably be stuffed from your brunch for quite awhile, and Green Goddess is open late.

    The aquarium is awesome, as is the insectarium. You can get a pass that includes both. I don't do a lot of poboys in the Quarter, but Johnny's on St. Louis is probably your best bet. Drop into Napoleon House for a cocktail, the two places are in the same block.

    Reports of Bayona's decline are greatly exaggerated. If you enjoyed it before, you'll enjoy it again. Go for it.

    Have fun!