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Oct 3, 2009 09:08 AM

leftover ricotta what to do.

So i have some leftover ricotta.. some basill some spinach.. and some pasta sheets

was thinking of making ravioli with spinach ricotta filling.

I would like to puree the spinach with roasted garlic and then add to ricotta and make a green filling... is this how its usually done or the spinachj is just added to the ricotta mixture?

what do you suggest for drizzling? no heavy sauce.

maybe garlic olive oil?
white truffle?


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  1. really no need to puree the spinach with the garlic, just mash your garlic if desired and mix together with cooked chopped spinach, then add to cheese. i'd recommend also maybe adding some cooked diced onions to the filling as well.

    as a "sauce," you could dice up some tomatoes, garlic, and onions, saute in a little bit of olive oil, then mix in some fresh basil strips to wilt at the end and toss with ravioli. sprinkle with a little grated parm.

    side note: you could also make cannelloni...

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      thanks! i saw this reply too late !

      i roasted garlic then pureed to a paste with spinach and added to ricotta to make a green tasty ricotta and filled the ravioli and froze

      i wasted money on one of those rolley ravioli zig zag cutters

      what a waste of 5 bucks. dunno why i thought i needed that .

      ended up just making them square shapes.

      for the sauce i used the oil i roasted the garlic with and toasted pine nuts and crushed them to a grainy texture.

      sprinkled the ravioli with them and added some chopped fresh parsley then drizzled with the garlic olive oil.. and some grated parm ( long grate)

      and voila. was amazing. much better then most restaraunt ravioli ive wasted money on.

      I will never buy " fresh ravioli" at the store again. would rather make my own -

      a lil more work but u can bag and tag em and freeze em for whenever and u can do anything to them.

      It really is like playing god with ravioli that is.

      anyone suggest some killer fillings and sauce/oil?

      i do like butter nut squash and brown sage butter. and parm.