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Oct 3, 2009 09:02 AM

Montgomery Donuts

For those who grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, I have four very important words for you: Montgomery Donuts is back. At least it's my first exposure to it in years. While walking on a lunch break through the very dated Crystal City Shops--note to directors of 1970s-inspired movies who are looking for a ready-made shopping mall locale--I saw a sign that made me stop dead in my tracks: "Hot Montgomery Donuts." It was placed in front of a new restaurant called Slice and Dice.

What the ...? Is there any chance on earth ...? No, I shouldn't get my hopes up, I thought to myself. I'd been longing for MoDo donuts for years. The last time I had one was probably in 1988 at the Old Georgetown Road location in Bethesda.

I walked into Slice and Dice with tempered enthusiasm, just in case it was a false lead. A middle-aged gentleman greeted me as I approached the back of the shop and gestured toward the hot food counter. I approached the counter, behind which was a stand featuring several rows of donuts. I looked up at the menu looking for signs of affirmation. I read: Montgomery Donuts, Since 1946. I asked the lady at the counter if the donuts were indeed the same ones from Montgomery County, Maryland. She said, "Huh?" After I asked again, she pointed toward the gentleman who had greeted me initially. In one of the greatest strokes of luck, he turned out to be the man who bought Montgomery Donuts out of bankruptcy. I said, "Sir, I would like to shake your hand." We chatted for a couple of minutes, during which he confirmed that, yes, Slice and Dice--in, of all places, Crystal City, Virginia--is selling genuine Montgomery Donuts.

So, donut lovers, rejoice! Within one of the most depressing, outdated indoor malls on the planet exists a shining slice of gastronomic heaven. I ordered two glazed donuts--they do not sell my all-time favorite honeybun (at least not yet)--and they tasted fantastic. I was so euphoric, I forgot to ask the owner if he's selling them again in--doh!--Montgomery County! For now, I am simply comforted by the fact that they are being sold again somewhere--anywhere--on this earth.

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  1. We used to hit the 24-hour MoDo main bakery in the Gude Drive Industrial Center after a night of "festivities" back in the day. Good stuff. Of course, there's much more to reviving a brand than simply buying the name. Hope they do the name proud.

    1. Are they really MoDo's quality?? I used to live on their hunny buns when I was a kid... Would ride my bike down to Bethesda just to get my fix taken care of. Giant doughy goodness drowning in like 10 ounces of sugary glaze. :D

      So how did they taste? How do they look? Are they really the genuine article?

      1. John Kelly wrote a story about Slice and Dice in his Washington Post column today.

        Apparently the Slice and Dice owner is also involved in the apparently clouded history of Gifford's ice cream recipe after the original Giffords shut their doors.

        1. Swedetooth, thank you so much for discovering that Montgomery Donuts are back!!! That is awesome news! I am looking forward to going their on Saturday!

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          1. re: Jeremy303

            Does any know? Are there any plans to sell the doughnuts anywhere in Montgomery County? Let's be honest -- it's where they are known and appreciated the very best!

            I grew up in Rockville and their doughnuts were even sold in my high school's cafeteria! I just loved the honeywheats! They actually had really substance and flavor to them unlike the Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kremes.

            During the 70s energy crisis, my friend and I would buy their doughnuts to eat while we waited in line to get gas in her father's car!!!!

            Sweet memories!!!

            1. re: gelato98

              I will inquire about other locations for Montgomery Donuts on Saturday.

          2. Am eating a regular glazed right now. I pass Slice & Dice everyday and have been intrigued, but I don't eat out too much for lunch and rarely ever buy breakfast, so haven't tried it until now.

            This donut is the densest yeast donut I've ever had! But it's good, and the dough tastes slightly sweeter than other yeast donuts. You can definitely tell they're freshly made. I've never had the original so I can only compare it to others in the area/regions I've lived in.

            There were signs yesterday outside the front entrance that these donuts were only 50 cents each ("practically free!" Heh), so I sort of wish I had had the foresight to buy one or two yesterday instead of today! But eh, for $1.08 (after taxes) per dense donut, it's still not a bad breakfast accompaniment/mid-morning snack.

            Also bought a chocolate glazed...and they did NOT skimp on the glaze! Can't wait to dig into it around lunchtime.