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Oct 3, 2009 08:38 AM

MSP: downtown Minneapolis steakhouse

We will be staying at the Hotel Minneapolis in early November as a late anniversary celebration. We would like to do a nice meal before a show on Saturday night. My hubby would love to do Manny's...someday. Ouch--have you seen their prices? Until we feel ok spending $80 on a steak, what would you recommend? Thanks!

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  1. It all depends on your budget and how far you are willing to travel.

    Manny's is by far the best of the lot.
    Murray's is a good bet and you can get the silver butter knife for two for about $100.
    Ruth Cris and Capital Grille are national chains and likely near the Manny's pricepoint.

    If you are willing to head over to North East, you have Jax, Erte, and Red Stag. Erte is by far the most economical of the three with steaks around $20 per person. I'd expect to spend more at Jax, but the food is notch higher and the atmosphere is classic Mn.

    Here's how I'd rank them myself:
    1. Manny's
    2. Murray's
    3. Jax
    4. Erte
    5 Ruth Cris
    6 Capital Grille
    7 Red Stag

    You are going to get a good meal at any of them. And I'm sure a lot of responses since the only thing that gets residents of this state more fired up is a discussion about hamburgers or the Vikes/Packers.

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    1. re: Db Cooper

      We love Jax! But for this trip we want to walk everywhere. Murray's looks great! And the prices are totally ok. Cheaper than Manny's for sure!
      Did you want to talk about the Packers?!? :-)

    2. You guys missed the best place in town, Seven steakhouse. They have the best food IMO, and they have a special menu right now that you can order a filet mignon 3 course dinner on for 30 bucks each, a total steal. I found the menu link for you check it out -

      Enjoy the cities!!!

      1. I had my 23rd birthday party at 7 Steakhouse, and as a group of 21-26 year olds, I definitely felt more comfortable there than at other downtown steakhouses I've been to. The service was exceptional for my party of around 12, but it was on a Tuesday and there was almost no one else there. Upstairs there can be pretty trendy during the weekends.

        I really liked Capital Grille, but felt out of place and much younger than the typical patron there, but the food was good and they treated us well.

        The only other steakhouse here that comes to mind as a recommendation is now closed.

        Both 7 and CG are very likely going to cost more than 80/person though, provided you are planning on drinking wine and eating something other than just a steak.

        1. I'm not sure if you're being hyperbolic or not, but I believe that only one steak at Manny's comes anywhere near $80 (the bludgeon) a steak. In fact, unless something has changed in the last month, none of the steaks break the $50 mark.

          To encourage thrift and still have the best steak in town, might I suggest a stop at Haskell's (a block away) on the way to Manny's and picking up a bottle of wine (I believe corkage is $25). Just make sure it is not on their winelist first (posted on their website).

          Other than that, Cooper has it pretty straight. Murray's is terrific and not a chain.

          And I agree, 7 is a terrific restaurant at which to celebrate a 23rd birthday.