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Oct 3, 2009 08:25 AM

Best cheescake in/around Fairfield County, CT?

We've been looking for a substitute, or at least something comparable to the dense, rich perfection of the "I'll take Manhattan" deli (now sadly long gone from the Dock shopping center in Stratford) version. If we like the flavor, the texture is weird (too fluffy, ricotta-y, etc). So who has the best cheesecake in YOUR opinion? (I make good cheesecake, but its a waste to make a whole 1 when we end up eating 2 slices!)

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  1. Stockbridge's Cheesecakes (in Shelton) is the best I've had. They've been awarded "Best Of Connecticut" for the past 6 years.

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    1. re: bigsweeps

      Yes can't beat Stockbridges.. a proud shelton resident too and happy they are here

      1. re: 2good2eat

        I got a Stockbridge cheesecake recently and was pleasantly surprised; I got the NY cheesecake with a chocolate ganache on top versus a flavored one. I usually make my own, and lean toward the super-dense type of cake. The Stockbridge cake was nicely dense, quite creamy, and it tasted very good. All in all, a very good cheesecake. Also, the counterperson (and co-owner) was extremely friendly and helpful.

        I also got a key lime tart-type of thing from there, and it was excellent. Very, very tart - made for a nice pucker but not excessively so, with a graham cracker crumb type of base. It made for a really tasty contrast between the sweet-tart and buttery crunch. Cookies looked very good too, but perhaps will sample another day.

      2. re: bigsweeps

        FYI- I see that my local Shop-Rite in Milford sells the Stockbridge cheesecakes in its freezer case in the bakery--your basic flavors, so if not near Shelton, you may want to see if they retail to any place near you. I've been dying to try their tiramisu cheesecake. My sister had them do her wedding cake, but they messed it up (flavors weren't what she ordered) and then weren't very nice about it--sad.

        1. re: cheereeo

          How does the Stockbridge cheesecake compare to Juniors of Brooklyn, which I get mail ordered come birthday time?

          1. re: louuuuu

            L...oh man, when jfood saw your handle he thought he would not have to drive to Shelton tomorrow and you had a name closer to us. :-((

            But you have to check out S&S, it blows Juniors away



            1. re: jfood

              Actually, one of the better cheesecakes I've had is close by, the creme brule cheesecake at Willetts in PC. I'll go in for just it after a movie or Costco... you don't need to buy a steak. And I'm sure you can get it for takeout, albeit by the slice.

              Yes, I've had S&S cheesecake at the Palm but a long time ago. Think it just a bit too light for me. tho wonderfully creamy I like a denser cheesecake. That's why not a big fan of Italian. I grew up on dense at our family's deli in Indy.

              I will give S&S another try. Know it's at Zabars, any place in Southern Southern New England (e.g. FFD county)?

              Know you're not a drinker, J-Food, but a beer offers a great pairing with cheesecake. Cuts through and clears the palate for the next great bite.
              I find soda is just a bit too fizzy.

              1. re: louuuuu

                jfood clears his palate when eating cheesecake with another bite of cheesecake or a nice glass of skim milk. :-))


          2. re: cheereeo

            FYI, I was at my local Shop Rite today and noticed that right next to Stockbridge cheesecakes, they also sell Juniors cheesecake in its freezer case in the bakery.

          3. re: bigsweeps

            Stockbridges is way too light and airy...not real dense cheesecake at all.

            1. re: javaandjazz

              I like my cheesecake ultra-dense, almost kinda like a brick; and while I wouldn't call the cake I had from Stockbridge's light and airy, it was not as dense as I would have liked. But I have a problem finding cheesecakes as dense as I would like, so I usually make my own. So -- do you have a local source for a good, really seriously dense cheesecake for future reference?

              I have yet to try the SONO one, as I'm never in that area; but the day I find myself in Norwalk, I'll have to stop in there.

                1. re: jfood

                  Me, or SONO cheesecake? :)
                  Guess I'll have to find a reason to head for Norwalk.

                2. re: harrie

                  Stockbridges may have changed, the only time I got it there several years ago it was way too light for my taste. She did offer me some frozen scone dough that I had to back and I thought they were good. I always make my own cheesecake too. Several years ago I found a recipe online that is supposed to be Junior's recipe. I like it because the crust is a lemon sponge which is a nice change from a graham cracker crust.

                  1. re: javaandjazz

                    I have done the animal cracker crumb which is a nice change too but now my favorite is ginger crust made with those paper thin flower shaped swedish cookies. My family recipe uses cottage cheese and cream cheese and it is so yummy and you must blend in a blender, not a food processor or mixer, but if you have to buy. . . I had Stockbridge the other day for a work party and it was delicious; it was light and creamy, but dense too in the way that it took a few hard mouth pulls to get it cleanly off the utensil if that makes sense. Take a look at their tira misu cheesecake pictured on their website; it is beautiful to look at and folks say delicious as well.

            2. having never tried Stockbridge's (but on the list) let jfood add SONO Bake Shoppe.

              For comparison, jfood's all time favorite is S&S from the Bronx, served in The Palm in NYC. SONO's version is a bit denser than S&S which is the consitency of great soft serve ice cream.


              1. Went to Eddy's Bake Shop, Main Street, Ansonia, to pick up Easter breads and grabbed a piece of their cheesecake. It's not as tall as the Stockbridge, but it is denser. The flavor didn't jump out at me in any particular way, but it was definitely a pleasant experience. Not bad for $2 a slice, really.

                Also, realized that SONO Baking Co. comes to the New Haven farmers' market - so I plan to see if they will bring a cheesecake to the next market for me. The hubby doesn't really know why all the cheesecake recently but he's not complaining about it.