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Oct 3, 2009 08:13 AM

jersey shore restaurant week

jsrw is going to be nov 6-15 and all restaurants participating will offer a three course menu for either $20.09 or $30.09 with at least 3 choices of app entree and dessert... other events will be going on as well. the list of restaurants looks pretty good.

Bay Head

Theresa's South. 530 Main Avenue. 732-892-1555.

Point Pleasant

Forte. 2154 Bridge Avenue. 732-899-5600.

Frankie's Bar & Grill. 414 Richmond Avenue. 732-892-6000.

Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty. 81-83 Channel Drive. 732-899-6700.
Off-Shore. 225 Ocean Avenue. 732-892-2848.

Wharfside Restaurant. 101 Channel Dr. 732-892-9100.

Tardi's. 311 Broadway. 732-899-8828.


Edgar's Pub. 153 Sea Girt Avenue. 732-449-4114.

Harpoon Willy's. 2655 River Road. 732-223-8880. "Burgers, Bloodies and Brews" Host

Mahogany Grille. 142 Main Street. 732-292-1300. Review.

Mixx. 152 Main Street. 732-292-9292. "Brunch at the Beach" Host


Due Amici. 420 Higgins Avenue. 732-528-0666.

Sand Bar. 201 Union Lane. 732-528-7750.

Shipwreck Grill. 720 Ashley Ave. 732-292-9380. "Happy Hour Host"

Sea Girt

Fratellos. 810 The Plaza. 732-974-8833.

Rod's Olde Irish Tavern. 507 Washington Blvd. 732-449-2020.

Spring Lake

Island Palm Grill. 3rd Avenue. 732-449-1909. .

Spring Lake Heights

Doolan's Shore Club Grille & Bar. 700 Highway 71. 732-449-3666.

St. Stephen's Green Pub. 2031 Rt. 71. 732-449-2626.

The Mill. 101 Old Mill Road. 732-449-1800.

The Spring Lake Manor. 415 Route 71. 732-449-6630.

Brandl. 703 Belmar Plaza. 732-280-7501.

Klein's. 708 River Road. 732-681-1177.

La Dolce Vita. 400 Ocean Avenue. 732-749-3177.

Matisse. 1300 Ocean Ave. 732-681-7680.

Nicchio Ristorante. 1000 Main Street. 732-280-1132


Sunsets. 302 South Concourse Avenue. 732-775-9911.


Clementine's. 306 Main Street. 732-988-7979.

Bradley Beach

Giamano's Ristorante. 301 Main Street. 732-775-4275.

The Draughting Table. 416 Main Street. 732-988-8727. "Burgers, Bloodies and Brews" Host

Asbury Park
Langosta Lounge. 1000 Ocean Avenue. 732-455-3275. "Brunch at the Beach" Host

McLoone's Supper Club. 1200 Ocean Avenue. 732-774-1155.

Moonstruck. 517 Lake Ave. 732-988-0123‎. Website. Review.

Pop's Garage. 1000 Ocean and Second Avenues. 732-455-3275. Website.

Salt Water Beach Cafe. 1200 Ocean Avenue.732-774-1400.


Mr. C's Beach Bistro. Ocean and Allen Avenue. 732-531-3665.

Loch Arbour

The Lake House Restaurant & Bar. 601 Main Street. 732-531-5555. "Burgers, Bloodies and Brews" Host

Long Branch

Avenue. 23 Ocean Avenue. 732-759-2900. "Brunch at the Beach" Host

Casa Comida. 336 Branchport Avenue.
Rooney's Ocean Crab House. 100 Ocean Avenue North. 732-870-1200.

Tre Amici al piccolo forno. 628 Ocean Avenue..

Sea Bright

Ocean Avenue Grill. 1250 Ocean Avenue. 732-933-4400.

Red Bank

Basil T's. 183 Riverside Avenue. 732-842-5990.

Bienvenue. 7 East Front Street. 732-9360640.

Melting Pot. 2 Bridge Avenue. 732-219-0090‎.

Red. 3 Broad Street. 732-741-3232. Website. "Happy Hour Host"


David Burke Fromagerie. 26 Ridge Road. 732-842-8088.

Salt Creek Grille. 4 Bingham Avenue. 732-933-9272.

Undici. 11 West River Road. 732-842-3880. "Wines and Cheeses of Italy" Host


Doris & Ed's. 348 Shore Dr.

Colts Neck

Colts Neck Inn. Rt. 34 and Rt. 537. 732-462-0383.


Metropolitan Cafe. 8 East Main Street. 732-780-9400‎.

Park Avenue Bistro. 618 Park Ave. 732-761-1300.

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  1. Ocean Avenue Grill in Sea Bright has closed.

    1 Reply
    1. re: fershore

      i guess it is safe to say they will no longer be participating then

    2. Thanks for the info, very helpful

      1. Looking forward to this, but is it me or are there at least a few places listed here that don't exactly exude the "restaurant week" experience? Frankie's, Edgar's, Harpoon Willy's, Doolan's, Sandbar come to mind... maybe I'm just getting cynical in my old age

          1. re: AC Captain

            were there ever menus posted as to what the restaurants would be offering for this rest. week menu? I looked at looked but never found anything. kind of took the interes away in this event.

            1. re: mbw1024

              The only restaurant I found that posted their RW menu on their website was Brandl. I agree, I feel the restaurants could have done a much better job of making their menus more available.

              Brandl Restaurant
              703 9th Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719

                1. re: white light

                  somehow I don't see it on the Shipwreck site.

                  We vacationed in Arizona in Sept. and it happened to the Phx Rest. week which someone on chowhounds pointed out to me. the site advertising Rest. week had all the menus posted there. very helpful.